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Monday, August 23, 2010

Faster Than A Kiss Chapter 36

For the fans of Faster Than A Kiss. This is a very brief summary of Chapter 36, the latest chapter of the series. I like this chapter. Hilarious and I like to see Ma kun losing self-control and getting all jealous.

Fumino has not told Ma kun about Shouma's kiss. She has decided that she will not tell Ma kun about it. She chooses to see the whole incident as a childish prank.

Whilst Fumino is in class during Ma kun's lesson, Shouma appears and asks her for a date. Fumino is shocked. Not knowing how to handle the situation and fearing that Ma kun will be affected, Fumino grabs hold of Shouma and runs, shouting (at the same time) that it is hot and they shall go to the library.

Alone with Shouma, Fumino tells Shouma to quit harassing her as this will affect her relationship with Ma kun. Choosing not to respond to that, Shouma tells Fumino he has tickets to the amusement park. Fumino is frustrated that Shouma doesn't seem to understand that she doesn't want him around her. She tells him she is not going.

Shouma expresses his surprise that she has not let Ma Kun know about their kiss. Fumino tells him that she has no intention of letting him know.

Shouma tells Fumino that one day, she will be by his side. (He seems very optimistic).
Fumino laments that Shouma doesn't understand at all.

Meanwhile, back home, Fumino and Teppei welcome Ma kun back home. Ma kun pins Fumino to the ground and asks her about the date with Shouma. She tells him that he suggested to go to the amusement park. Ma kun wonders what weakness she holds towards Shouma...

Fumino feels trapped. She can't tell Ma kun what happened. Seeing her expression, Ma kun gently kisses her forehead and tells Teppei that they are going to the amusement park. Teppei is very excited. He suggests that Megu chan and Shouma come along. Fumino hesitates...

At the park, Ma kun thank Shouma for the invitation. Fumino feels extremely uncomfortable. Shouma asks Fumino who suggests and how did the date become a group meeting. Both Shouma and Ma kun grab Fumino's hands at the same time. Shouma looks at Ma kun and tells him that the amusement park is near school. He loudly proclaims that Ma Kun is holding his student's hands. That comes as a shock to all and Shouma takes the opportunity to run away with Fumino.

Throughout, Shouma tries to keep Fumino with him and away from Ma kun. Out of frustration, Ma kun expresses that he observes that Megu chan seems rather calm given the situation. Megu chan replies that she agrees and it is obvious that Shouma is in love.

Megu chan tells Ma kun that she thinks he is amazing to remain quiet seeing all these.
Ma kun replies that it is not true at least since knowing about his wife's kissing incident.

Shouma takes Fumino to the haunted house...

Ma kun finds out from his students that Fumino has entered the haunted house. The house is set up to help couples come together or to make couples. On hearing that, Ma kun's face turns dark. Ma kun asks Megu chan to take care of Teppei...

Ma kun shouts for Fumino. Shouma tries to hide her behind him and prevents Ma kun from getting her.

Somehow, Ma kun reaches behind Shouma and carries Fumino away... He opens a cabinet and tells the actor (who hides there to scare visitors) he needs to borrow the place. Ma kun's facial expression is much more scary than any of the actors or props of the haunted house.

In the cabinet, Ma kun tells Fumino that he is angry that she does not sense Shouma's feelings even though they are often in contact. Fumino wonders whether he is angry and upset with her.
He tells her she is not to put on Shouma's T-shirt (I suppose that means when Shouma hid her behind him in his shirt), she is not to be surrounded by him...

...She is not to be kissed by him! Fumino realises that Ma kun knows about the kiss.

Fumino cries thinking that Ma kun must be so hurt... Ma kun sees her tears and apologises to her. He tells her gently that they will go somewhere...

Shouma thinks to put an end to his feelings for Fumino...

I think the next chapter should be an interesting one. Finally, Fumino's and Ma kun's relationship will progress to the next level. : )