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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Faster than a Kiss Chapter 37

Hi All,

This is a brief summary of Chapter 37 for all the FTAK fans out there. : ) Hope you enjoy it.

The last chapter ended with Maakun and Fumino running away. They arrive at the Ferris Wheel and take a ride in it. There are only two of them in the cabin. Fumino expresses her displeasure that Maakun has torn Shouma's shirt that she's wearing.
Maakun is upset at the mention of the shirt. He takes the shirt of Fumino and throws it away. Fumino frets that the shirt must be very expensive and she will have difficulty paying for it.
Whilst quarrelling over the shirt, Fumino suddenly asks Maakun how he came to know about the kiss. Maakun explains that Teppei saw the incident and told him about it.

Fumino wonders whether they really did kiss. In tears, Fumino says:"..because I don't remember ... I fell asleep."

Upon hearing that, Maakun is shocked. He hugs Fumino and apologises for being angry. Maakun:"You can't do anything when you are attacked in your sleep."

Fumino cannot help but feel regretful that her first kiss has been taken away. She asks Maakun to kiss her.

Maakun refuses. In anger, Fumino shouts at him that she has asked him many times to kiss her. She explains that she wants Maakun to kiss her in case Shouma has really taken away her first kiss.

Maakun takes Fumino's hand and covers his mouth and he kisses her through the hand.

Fumino thinks to herself that she really loves Maakun...
Maakun's licks Fumino's hand...

Fumino screams... Maakun apologises for getting carried away...
Maakun calls Shouma over the phone and asks him to meet them near the riverbed.

Maakun asks Shouma:"Did you really kiss Fumino?" Shouma asks Fumino:"What did you tell brother?" Maakun tells Fumino to stand behind him. Looking at Shouma, Maakun asks Shouma to answer his question.
Shouma:"What if I say I did..." Maakun raises his fist and throws a punch... He misses him... This continues for awhile...

Maakun asks Shouma whether he likes Fumino. Shouma denies.

Fumino tells them to stop fighting as Teppei is looking at them.

Shouma:"I did not kiss her." Upon hearing that, Fumino attacks Shouma, screaming. Maakun holds her back.
Before they part, Maakun tells Shouma that if wishes, he can try to take Fumino away from him fairly and directly...

Maakun tells Shouma that he will meet the challenge with all his efforts.

Back at home, Fumino kisses Maakun on the neck to thank him for all that he has done for her today.
Maakun's reaction is so hilarious. : )

Sigh... I thought that the chapter will detail out a new level of their relationship but it seems like they have not moved forward. They are back to square one. I wish the mangaka will not drag this out too long. Also, I wonder what role Shouma will play in the later chapters. Will he really challenge Maakun for Fumino's love or not?