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Friday, September 10, 2010

Usotsuki Lily

This series is fairly new.

Hinata is a 15 year-old student. Not long after school started, En, a good looking guy confessed to Hinata. Hinata can’t believe that a really handsome, well-mannered guy is confessing to her. Taken by En’s looks and manners, Hinata agreed and they became a couple.

Later on, she couldn't help but find his name familiar. He didn’t look familiar, but there is something about his name… Hinata soon found out from her friends about her new boyfriend. They were all in shock that she’s going out with Shinohara En, Class 3′s Cross-dresser!?

It was then that Hinata recalled that Shinohara En was that boy who comes to school dressed as a girl! But he was dressed as a boy when he confessed to Hinata. Hinata wondered whether she can really go out with him. The more hilarious thing was that when he was dressed as a girl, En was better looking than Hinata! In fact, he was the best looking girl in the school!

When Hinata tries to break it off with En, he looked so devastated that she felt bad. En was even willing to go to wear boy's clothes just to have Hinata stay by his side. The fact was that En hates boys. Even seeing his own reflection repulsed him. He would smashed and break mirrors when he saw his own reflection. He likes girls so much, he would rather dress like one. The interesting thing is that even though he dresses like a girl and is pretty, he feels like a boy inside. He acts like a guy too.

This story details Hinata’s unique first love relationship with her cross-dressing boyfriend, En. They go through many trials and challenges, many of them as a result of his cross-dressing.

The chapter below is the latest from Margaret, Chapter 20. I apologise for the lack of summary. It's long and I can't get over the cross-dressing. This is for Fujioshi. Enjoy.


  1. Thanks for this entry! I've to agree with you, the dressing up as a girl thing is a little difficult to get over... I prefer bishies. haha.

  2. Thanks for the review ^^ I was always curious what this is about. Too bad that the plot isn't my type. I'm not into cross-dressing characters ^^;; But I must say, the covers of this series are really, really nice ^^

  3. Kat: ^^ I know what u mean. The cover pages for the tankoubon look good too. It is just weird to see a flat chested long hair person. Can't decide whether he is pretty or handsome. I prefer bishies!

  4. is this a story that En overcome his hatred for boys with the help of hinata?and he would end up with hinata as a boy?

  5. April Rose: I not sure how it will end. As it is En is still cross dressing. It could also end with Hinata learning to accept En as he is.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing! This manga is really good, I really like it! ;)