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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta 傻傻未知爱 Chapter 38

Yes! Finally, some lovey-doveyness (I'm sure Freesiane is cheering too : ))))!!!

Kotori is surprised to see Shitara. He is curious about who is her date for this festival. He asks to escort her... Kotori (blushes) declines (at the same time, she wishes Yukito to turn up quickly). Shitara mentions something about her waiting in the rain. Kotori is quick to say that she's fine. However, inside, she's getting concern and wondering why Yukito is so late. Shitara refused to take no for an answer grabs her hand...

Meanwhile, Yukito finally gets off from work. The colleague thank him for accommodating and helping out even though it was a last minute request. Yukito wonders how Kitori is, waiting in the rain. He rushes down to meet her. (Hurry Yukito!!!)

Back to Kotori, she's dragged along by Shitara. The rain stops. He laments that he's out of luck. XD (yeah buddy, tough luck). Kotori expresses that Shitara seems strange today. He seems pushy to her. He looks at her and says it is because of her... leans forward to kiss her... Kotori pushes him away.

She told him currently she has someone she really likes. She thank him for liking her and apologises for not being able to reciprocate.

Meanwhile, Yukito is looking around for Kotori. He calls her handphone but could not get her. He heads towards the temple...

Kotori wonders to the temple and still no sign of Yukito. She looks down and realises that her Kimono is soiled. Feeling sorry for herself and not wanting Yukito to see her with her solied Kimono, she bursts into tears...

Yukito calls out her name... (finally... about time). She refuses to come out from behind the pillar as she is conscious of her appearance due to the soiled kimono (girl??? please!!!)

Yukito mistaking her behaviour as anger, apologises for being late and for making her wait in the rain. He expresses that he understands it if she does not want to have anything to do with him. He resigns and concedes defeat. At the other end, Kotori wonders what he is talking about. He says he tries to call her but she refuses to pick up his calls... Kotori realises that she has left her handphone at home. (sigh... these 2 kids can be so ... I don't know... exasperating?!?)

He thinks that Kotori hates everything about him... Kotori quickly denies. She exclaims: "On the contrary, everything about u matters to me, even after the breakup!" She confesses that she likes every part and things concerning Yukito. (Way to go, girl!)

Both blush. Yukito is shocked that Kotori is so brave to express out her feelings. He feels embarassed that he could not express his true feelings. Yukito:"I like you alot, all along..."

Thank you sensei. Sigh... finally! I was giving up all hope and thankfully they have finally gotten together. Please resolve their misunderstanding (its so long ago I can't remember why they quarrelled)...

Lala and Cheese!

Hi All!

I got my hands on Lala and Cheese! Oooohhhh... love this month's publications. All the series, I've been following, including Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta 傻傻未知爱 (I've been frustrated with this series for awhile) have very exciting developments. Yeah!!! Will upload some raws and give the summaries to u soon. Look out! Yes! What a happy month for me!