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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Secret Garden EP 19

Joo Won regained his memory and kissed Ra Im after teasing her. Photo - courtesy of thedramascene.com

Don't ask me why but they don't have to kiss deeply to move me. Such tenderness expressed through the peck on the forehead. Sigh...

I can't help myself.... I just need to talk about Secret Garden Ep 19. In fact, I would love to chat about Secret Garden the drama series. I suspect it is my way of saying goodbye to this addictive drama.

First and foremost, kyaaaahhhhh!!! *Fangirl scream* I LOVE ep 19. It made me smile, laugh and cry. And Yes! the Bling Bling tracksuit made its appearance too.

I love it that the lost of memory on Joo Won's part did not play out a cliche storyline - eg. the leads struggle in agony over the lost of memory. On the flip side, in Secret Garden, the lost of memory lent much to make the drama hilarious. I love the fact that Ra Im left a deep enough imprint on Joo Won, such that the 21 year old Joo Won couldn't understand why he felt this deep attraction against his logical deduction. It is most refreshing to see the hormone-raging 21 year old Joo Won trying to get physical with Ra Im (getting her wet and in the pool with him).

I love how Ra Im recited Joo Won's rhymn to reign in her desire when Joo Won leaned over to ask about whether they had kissed. She explained that he had recited the same rhymn in a bid to control his desire too out of respect for her. I was laughing when the 21 year old Joo Won, expressed shock and disbelief at this piece of news.

Ep 19 also provided the explanation of how Ra Im's father died to save Joo Won. It was most touching to see the rescue scene. Really, Hyun Bin's acting brought tears to my eyes. He can sell me a plain stone and pass it off as a precious diamond and I will buy it. Gosh! He is that good!!!

Joo Won regained his lost memory even that of him being rescued by Ra Im's father. I love how he tenderly kissed Ra Im on the forehead explaining that it was on behalf of her father whose last words were that she is loved...

Both Ra Im and Joo Won paid a visit to Ra Im's father's niche where Joo Won expressed his love and desire to marry Ra Im to her father. Joo Won also visited his mother and expressed his desire to marry Joo Won. I LOVE how he put it:" I have spent 34 years of my life being your son, now I am going to spend the rest of my life being her husband." That clearly spelt out his intent and emphasis on priority.

Finally, 2 interesting and curious notes:

1) A Young had a dream. We all know how accurate her dreams had been. She dreamt that in front of a tall black gate, 3 children dressed in white with tears in their eyes. Joo Won was at the side with his hands over his mouth and tears rolling down. Ra Im was bawling... What does that mean? I see triplets in Ep 20! Woo Hoo!!!

2) Joo Won apologised to Ra Im's father when Ra Im and Joo Won visited his niche. Apparently, Joo won had visited Ra Im's father's funeral wake but did not get to pass his last words to Ra Im. Hmmm... why, what happened? I wonder whether Joo Won's mother have a part to play in this.

Sigh... Ep 20 is airing in less than 7 hours! I want to hear what you think about it. Let's talk about Secret Garden...