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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Which Magazine to Subscribe?

Hi All,

It has been awhile since I last blogged. I have been really busy with work. So very, very busy that I have little time to do others... There are a few things that I need to catch up on once I am less bogged down with work. ^^ Of course reading and summarising certain manga series rank high in my priority.

I'm thinking of summarising Dakara Koi to Yobanaide/穿越时光的歌声. In the past, I posted 2 chapters of this series with no translation. I wasn't too interested then. Now, after reading the latest chapter, I'm kind of interested to pick this up again. Will give a brief summary of Chapter 1-11 and give a more detailed summary of Chapter 12 (the latest chapter serialised in Cheese!). Look out for it!

Also, I'm owing summaries of Junai Labyrinth/Pure Love Labyrinth. I mentioned in my earlier entry that I will be providing regular summary of this series. I'm still interested in doing so just need to find time. So sorry for those who have been waiting. Will try to get the latest chapter up soon too.

Finally, to all fans of series from Betsuma. I'll not be posting further summaries of any series from Betsuma. This is because I have stopped subscribing Betsuma. Currently, I'm subscribing Cheese! and Lala. To add to these, I'm thinking of subscribing Margaret or Betsufure.

Betsufure on the other hand has Kinkyori Renai and L-DK, etc.

What do you think? Which magazine will you be interested to read summaries from? Let me know your thoughts.

Which magazine should I subscribe to? Margaret or Betsufure?
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