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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Junai Labyrinth/ Pure Love Labyrinth Chapter 15-16

I'm going to give a very brief summary of Chapter 15 and a more detailed Chapter 16 as the latter is more interesting ^^

In Chapter 15, Reira asks Umi to accompany him back home as he has no courage to go home. He believes his dad disagrees with his choice of career (entering the entertainment industry). Reira's parents own a very famous traditional unagi restaurant. Later on with his mother's (Reira's mother is very beautiful) help , he found out that, although his dad never articulated, his dad was actually very proud of him and have kept all his records and newspaper clippings of him. Reira was touched when he found out.

Chapter 16 opens with Umi and Haru at the TV broadcasting station. Umi has taken up the part time job of being Haru's manager. She is trying desperately to protect Haru from hordes of screaming female fans... At the end, Haru is the one who rescues her from the scene. Umi is upset that Haru does not allow her to do her job as his manager. Haru looks at her intently and tells her that he rather not have her be injured. Umi blushes at his comment.

As they move towards Haru's dressing room, Umi reports to Haru his schedule for the day. Haru takes the opportunity to ask Umi where she has been yesterday. Not thinking much, Umi tells Haru that she went to Reira's parents' place and they cooked for her. She tells him that his parent are good cook and Haru should go with her the next time. Haru is shocked to hear this! He is so upset he tears his shirt wearing it.

The Stylist is called in to help mend his shirt. The Stylist takes the opportunity to flirt with Haru. Haru is taken by surprise and is thinking to himself that this doesn't feel good at all. At that moment, Umi enters the room. She is shocked to see the Stylist flirting with Haru. As Haru and Umi leave the dressing room for Haru's next assignment, Umi kicks Haru's leg, feeling angry that he is so easy to seduce. Haru tells her to stop kicking him. He tells her that next time, he will just borrow the sowing kit and run away from the Stylist. Umi tells him to keep to his promise. Haru adds that he believes Umi will take 100 times more time than the Stylist to mend the shirt. Umi is speechless to defend herself... (this couple is quite cute and funny, I like their chemistry together, they so comfortable with each other)

Today, Haru and Reira are filming a scene together. Reira, with his script on him, is sleeping on the set. Umi walks up to him and calls out:"Hippo man. Hippo man." Reira wakes up with a start and shouts: "Who is the Hippo man!" He sees Umi laughing away. Thinking to impress her, Reira tells Umi that he has a big news for her. He tells her that the "Husha By Baby" has entered two original contents in the Uikuri Chart. Before he could finish, Umi thinks of Haru's debut CD. She runs towards Haru to tell him the good news. Rei tries to stop her, he's thinking:" Heh! How about me? The composer?"

Umi calls home and tells everyone the good news. She goes to the shop and buys 3 CDs (1for keeping, 1 for listening, and 1 for her friends). When they reach home, everyone, including their father (came back earlier) to celebrate Haru's success.

Late at night, Umi is baking cookies. Haru asks why she is doing so. She tells him that she wants to thank everyone for helping Haru. Haru stays up to taste the cookies for Umi. Umi chases Haru to sleep as he has a long day tomorrow. Haru turns, sniles and asks Umi:" I am a good older brother, right?" Umi is capitvated. She answers back,:" Not before you r famous." After Haru has gone to bed, Umi holds on to her chest where her heart is beating furiously and notes that Haru seems different to her.

"Ring... ring... ring..." (background sound)

"Wait...don't go... Haru chan..." Umi stretches out her hands. She suddenly wakes up and realises that she has been dreaming. She looks at her alarm clock and realises that they r going to be late.

"Haru Chan! Wake up!" Umi shouts and she jumps out of bed not realising that Haru is already awake...

Scene switches back to the set where Haru and Rei are shooting their drama series... Umi presents her cookies to all the crew members. Reira takes a cookie and eats it. Umi sees his pained look thinks that the cookie must taste terrible. With a serious voice, Reira tells her that the cookie taste delicious. Umi is pleased. Reira asks her what occasion is the cookies made for. Teasing him, Umi says it is for purifying. Reira was hopping mad hearing that!

During break time, Reira tells his manager that he is going to the convenient store to get something. In actual fact, he wants a change of mood. Suddenly, he sees Umi sitting against a wall and sleeping.
Looking at her sleeping profile, he cannot help himself but bends down to plant a kiss on her... At that moment, Haru kicks Reira away.

Reira shouts at Haru:"What did you do that for?!"

Haru:"Do not put out your hand easily!"

Reira:" If it is not easy, is it ok, elder brother?!"

Haru stares angrily at Reira...

Umi sleeps through the rackus.

I love this chapter and how this story is developing. I like how Haru loves Umi, so protective and concerned over her. Unknown to Umi, Haru is not her blood brother. Haru knows and he is obsviously in love with her. Reira is also in love with Umi (again, she is not aware). Reira seems to suspect that Haru feels more for Umi than a brother will feel. I wonder how the story will develop.