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Friday, April 30, 2010

Kinkyori Renai/Close Range Love Vol5

What an exciting week for me! XD

My head is still spinning with so many exciting developments from the various manga series I've been following. Gosh! Where do I start?!
Finally, Kinkyori Renai Vol 5 is out. How can I resist it?! : D

Some very exciting developments in Vol 5. Uni's childhood friend is back from overseas. He came back just to fulfill their childhood promise (they are espoused to each other?!). Needless to say, his entrance wreck havoc in Haruka and Uni's relationship. The volume ends with a cliffhanger. Haruka broke up with Uni! I need volume 6...


  1. Im dying to c what happens in this volume ..Thanks so much for the little summary!

  2. I tried this series after seeing your posts.
    Must say that it is one cute story ^^ although the reappearance of sensei's ex was just too frustrating! Couldn't bear the tension xD

  3. Freesiane: Glad you like the series. : ) It gets more frustrating. But the mangaka usually doesn't prolong the tension. : )

  4. Exactly what freesiane said!
    At first i really really loved this series! It was on my top 5 fav mangas but sensei's ex messed it up for me! Ugh! I was crancky for days! Now i'm more at ease because Uni friend comes back! OMG! I love that!

  5. I love this one!!! Uni is so cute!! I'm dying to know what happens !!

  6. Hey.
    I really enjoyed this series and I'd like to thank you for the summary for the much recent chapters.
    i was just wondering if you'd know where I could read summaries for Chapter 14-20?

  7. So sad I cant find the Volume 5 chapter summaries :(