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Friday, April 30, 2010

迷雾中的蝴蝶/Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru Chapter 13

ok. Finally, I've done a summary of Chapter 13. Please understand my Japanese is limited and there may be some nuances of the language I have missed out and thus cause some misinterpretation. Thus, read at your own risk (You have been warned!!!) Please let me know if I'm wrong.

The beginning of the chapter tells us that Riko and Souta are great fans of Crude Play. They had once camped outside the concert hall (in the rain) 5 hours before concert time to buy tickets.

They could not get tickets and were left outside. Riko could hear the music. She was touched by Crude Play's distinct songs and Shinya's playing of the bass guitar.

Back to Riko's place. With Shinya sitting opposite her...

Not knowing Shinya's reason for visiting her, Riko is contemplating whether she can resist Shinya's seduction... Shinya was trying to tease her...

Shinya asks Riko to guess the number of musician debut per year? She thinks it is about 20. He tells her it is more than 400 and that 3 years later, only about 5 will survive.

Shinya tells Riko that being a successful musician is difficult. One needs to have a plan to survive in the music industry.

Shinya tells that Crude Play's bass was supposed to be Aki. Riko asks how is Aki like. Shinya says something like he is a moron. Riko looks at him angrily and accusingly and calls him a slanderer. : )

Shinya adds on to say that he thinks Aki is a real talent and ordinary person cannot understand his talent... (he is teasing her again). With a more serious expression, he adds that Aki can occasionally be really stupid and difficult to get to know...
Riko expresses that she likes Aki's music very much. Shinya expresses that he likes Aki's music very much too... (hmmm... I'm surprised at Shinya's serious expression when he says that... I wonder...)
Riko's handphone goes off. She has a message from Aki... Shinya guesses that it is from her boyfriend and that he wants to meet her... Riko is shocked and thinks he has supernatural powers...

Before Shinya leaves, he says to her that if she is serious in becoming a musician, for the next 3 years, she has to turn up when he calls for her. She has to place him before her boyfriend...

Aki is lost. He meets Souta and Yuichi. Souta is about to direct him when Yuichi interrupts and calls him a wondering beast. (: D he's so jealous...) Souta interrupts:"...he is Aki..." Aki stops him. He tells Souta that Riko is unaware of this yet and he wants to be the one to tell her...

Yuichi is confused. Yuichi declares that Shinya of Crude Play is going to be their producer. Seeing that Aki is not impressed, he claims that Riko is a fan of Crude Play especially Shinya's playing of the Bass... Souta tries to interrupt: " ...well, Riko likes Crude Play's... " (I suppose he's saying Aki's music. Sigh... Souta, you should shout it out!!!)

Yuichi adds on to say that Aki doesn't even know Riko's likes and dislikes... ~~~ Sigh... Yuichi is getting on my nerves. Aki just leave the place and go look for Riko. Tell her how u feel!!!

Back to Riko... She is thinking whether she should take Shinya's offer and give herself to music. But she feels lonely and unsettled just thinking about a life without Aki...
Shinya tries to convince her to do so...
Riko gives in...
Aki arrives and sees them. ~~~~interesting. maybe that will push Aki back to perform in Crude Play! Maybe he will have some confidence in his talent in music and stop running away from his music...


  1. Love the picture of her lying on the mushroom xD

    You're so right, many series are now getting to an interesting point.
    This one is no exception.
    Can't wait to see how Aki (it's his name right?) will react.

    Thanks <3<3 ^_____^

  2. This is becoming one of my favorites manga's out there and i was all crazy looking for the latest chapters RAWS & here you have them! Thank you very much for the summaries of this manga! *hugs*