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Saturday, May 29, 2010

迷雾中的蝴蝶/Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru Chapter 14

Dear friends, anonymous has kindly corrected my translation. I am so thankful to learn from anonymous. I have made the necessary changes and really... this chapter is even more intense. Let's begin...

Aki sees Riko and Shinya. He considers the consequences if he acknowledges Riko in front of Shinya. Riko will know he is Crude Play's Aki and Shinya will know the nature of his relationship with Riko. He thinks of getting away from the scene before anyone finds out. He wonders whether he can trust Shinya and let him know about his relationship with Riko...

He decides to leave the scene before being found out. As he turns to leave, Shinya sees him and their eyes meet...
Shinya bids farewell to Riko...

Shinya calls Aki. He asks what Aki was doing there. Aki asks Shinya to meet him at his place.

At Aki's place... Shinya lets out a laughter. Aki asks what is so funny... Shinya relates that he has met the girl Takagi san talent-spotted. Shinya says she is like "mushroom"...

Shocked, Aki replied :"Mushroom?" Shinya says Riko's mushroom hair cut reminds him of a mushroom thus he is giving her the nickname mushroom. Quietly, Aki sighs and thinks to himself: "Ditto".

Aki asks how Shinya finds Riko's voice quality...

Shinya describes Riko's voice as having very good quality and she sings with feelings... but not any person can touch her... ~~~is he hinting to Aki to leave her alone?

Aki asks Shinya whether he is writing the songs Riko is singing... ~~~ oooppss! The look Shinya gives Aki speaks volumes...
Riko lies in bed and recalls the exchange she had with Shinya...
She wonders why she shook hands with Shinya without thinking things through carefully. She thinks it must be Shinya's resolve...

Back at Aki's place...Shinya tells Aki that he will be writing Riko's songs. Aki asks for him to play Riko's music but Shinya says something to the effect that playing Riko's debut songs is useless as he does not want to be confined by Crude Play. ~~~~ hmmm face-off time

Shinya details that Crude Play band exists because of Aki's music, and the only person who does not understand that is Aki. Shinya goes on to say that he is straight forward and doesn't like the murkiness of human relationships. He isn't Aki's friend and he didn't enter the music industry to be in Aki's band. He very much prefers to be a soloist, but

Shinya says that he has debut as a member of Crude Play 7 years ago and all along, he thinks and wishes for his own band (where he feels a sense of belonging) as now he feels uncomfortable...

...in the beginning, for Shinya, he did not think of anything outside of Crude Play, but now after discovering Riko, he is shocked that the thought of breaking away from the band excites him. He is disgusted that Takagi would waste such a talent (Riko) on Aki...

Shinya tells Aki he will not give Riko back or reconsider. And Aki:"..but she is my girlfriend, mushroom."

Gosh! So intense! I wonder how Aki will react to this onslaught.


  1. O___O
    Shinya vs Aki, i really didn't think there would be a rivalry between them but now i'm liking it.
    I wonder if Riko will ever let her hair grow?!

    So ok in Chapter 3 Aki narrates: "I hurt you with the worst lie. And so i think it was only natural that he took you away from me..."

    As you are aware of my dear awesome Ankemaybe *thank you for the raws/summaries* Aki is lying to Riko & probably will lie some more until everything crumbles down and Riko finds out the truth, probably she will be hurt. I wonder if she will go with her best friend or Shinya. Or maybe Aki meant in the music industry they took her away from her.

    I wish this chappie was longer *sigh*
    Thanks Ankemaybe!

  2. Thank you Ankemaybe!!!!! this chapter was so interesting!!!!!

  3. wow, Im totally team Aki, Shinya is an ass; I hope it comes back to bite him in the end because he seems pretty petty. Thanks for all the translations Anke!! I cant wait for the next chapter <3

  4. I'm hoping Shinya's behaviour will push Aki to be more sure and confident in getting what he wants, music and mushroom. I hoping he will let riko know who he really is in the next chapter (which was his earlier intent). That will be very, very interesting... : )

  5. hahaha "music and mushroom."
    I just hope he doesn't lie to Riko anymore.

  6. Hey! Thank you so much for this chapter!

    Are you reading this from cheese? Coz the release of vol. 4 should be around end of July ya?

  7. 腐女子: Yes. I read this from Cheese! : )

  8. Woot! Thank you so much for the summaries.
    じゃ、今度のChap15もよろしくね.m(_ _)m

    Just to share with you the place where I share my guilty pleasures too. www.fujioshi.blogspot.com

  9. 腐女子: いいえ. どういたしまして. Chapter 15 will be in the next issue of Cheese! I must warn that I'm learning Jap so my understanding is pretty elementary. I'm delighted to know a fellow Singaporean (Yes, I browse thru your blog; cool blog!) who reads Jap too. Do let me know when I make mistakes. : )

  10. no worries about your translations.

    I'm still learning Japanese myself too. A difficult language, especially when textbook don't teach you casual Japanese.

    *looking forward to chapter 15*

  11. I really like where the flow of the story is going. The character development is improving too. This chapter only roves that aki should start moving or else other people will steal what he has. I hope he gains more confidence with himself.

  12. Anonymous: Me too. Hopefully, he will be more assertive and let's see some action in the next chappie.

  13. Thank you! I love this manga! I know how difficult it is to learn Japanese and I'm still learning, even after all these years :) I think the later part can be translated this way, though I'm not exactly sure, but here's what I got from reading it (starting from Aki's little rambling about how it's a small world, and how everyone is connected to everybody else through 6 people etc.):

    Aki asks Shinya if he will write the songs for Riko to sing

    Meanwhile, Riko lies in bed wondering why she shook hands with Shinya without thinking...

    She tells herself it must've been because of Shinya's resolve

    Going back to Shinya and Aki, Shinya tells Aki he will write the songs for Riko. Aki asked him if he can play them, but Shinya says that so long as he remains in Crude Play, he cannot...

    ...because Crude Play exists to play Aki's music, and the only person who doesn't understand this already is Aki himself. Shinya says he isn't Aki's buddy and didn't get into music to be in Aki's band, and truth be told, he'd be more than happy to go solo, but...

    ...he love band music, and ever since his debut as Crude Play's Shinya, he has felt uncomfortable this whole time (because he doesn't belong). He wants to find the place where he belongs...

    ...At first, he didn't have any expectations, just want to do something other than playing in Crude Play, but when he heard her voice, he was surprised and excited that she's the real deal. He is disgusted that Takagi would waste such a great talent on Aki...

    ...But he will not give Riko back, especially not to Aki. And that's when (presumably) Aki says, "But she's my girl friend"

    I hope this helps clear it up a little.

  14. Anonymous: *Bow humbly* Thank you! I really appreciate your correction. That is even more exciting! So she is my mushroom is what Aki said... I will make the necessary changes.

  15. you're welcome :) I didn't mean to be rude but I just thought you might want to know that "demo boku no kanojo nanda kedo" means "but [she's] my girl friend" which makes it very interesting :)

  16. Anonymous: No u are not rude. I'm thankful. I didn't even see the word "demo" which is "but". That makes the whole difference. Must be the late nights I'm keeping. :))) That is so much clearer. I'm thankful and grateful.