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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta 傻傻未知爱 Chapter 40

Fans of BWSS, yes finally the latest chapter.

Yukito dyed his hair back to black again. He is feeling unsure about his haircut as he realises that he has been receiving some attention. He wonders whether his haircut looks strange and weird. Kotori, on the other hand, cannot tear her eyes away from him as she thinks he looks very captivating with the haircut and his yukata. Embarrassed, Yukito covers her eyes and tells her that he is embarrassed and not to look at him. Kotori replies innocently:" but, if I want to see, I have to see..."
Kotori mentions that she must thank Natsume Chan. With the mention of Natsume's name, both are reminded of 2 different things. Kotori remembers Natsume encouraging her to get a commemorative item to commemorate their reunion. Yukito, on the other hand was reminded not to do anything that will make Kotori cry...

Kotori is thinking that Yukito has not shown much reaction to her Yukata. She wonders whether he finds it suitable for her. In an attempt to get his attention, Kotori puts on a scary mask... Yukito tells her that she almost gave him a heart attack. Kotori:"At last, you are looking at my direction..."

Kotori:"I wonder whether this Yukata suits me?"
Yukita embarassed again asks:" What do you want...?" (Sigh... not the best reply, buddy)
In response, Kotori tells Yukita that she thinks that Yukita is not pleased with her because he is not looking at her.
Yukita is shocked that Kotori has such thoughts. With much difficulty, he expresses that actually, he finds Kotori really cute today. (Sigh... he should have said that right at the beginning. I know I have said this countless times, but both of them are really clueless.)

Yukito confesses that Kotori looks exceptionally cute... Yukito stretches out his hand...

...and grabs Kotori hand while looking at her...
Overwhelmed, Kotori turns:"Just as I thought, you don't need to look." With a determined look, Yukita replies:"Already too late." "Look at me straight in the eye, try to look at me." Yukita smiles while looking at Kotori. Surprised, Kotori tells him that he is smiling, in which case, he denies as he is too embarrassed...

... the birth of a pair of love birds (narration). Just at that moment, two of Yukita's friends appear to tease him. Yukita fends them off.

Kotori realizes that Yukita is a shy person. She is also enjoying Yukita's touch and can't help but feel that everything feels light and fluffy around her.

The next day, Kotori is sick. She is really feeling light and fluffy now. XD

Yukita notices that Kotori is on sick leave. Enters Shitara. He cannot recognize Yukita with his new haircut. They are about to part ways...

Yukita thank Shitara. Shitara tells him not to as he did not aid in bringing them together. Yukita explains that he is thankful to Shitara for sending Kotori back during the period he tried to find out who was stalking her.

Kotori apologizes to her brother for being stuck with her. Her brother is tasked to look after her as her parents are not in. Her brother is suppose to meet his girlfriend but he has to cancel his date to look after her. Her brother tells her not to think too much about it as his girlfriend will understand.

Kotori's brother's girlfriend is not happy about the situation and he is put in a spot.

Yukita feeling worried turns up at Kotori's house. When her brother sees him, he leaves Kotori to Yukita and rushes out to meet his girlfriend, much to Yukita's uneasiness. XD

Yukita places a kiss on Kotori's forehead much to her surprise. Seeing her reactions, he immediately apologises.
That's the end of Chapter 40. Hmmm... it seems that Kotori's sickness brings out the "best" in both of them. Both of their guards are down and they seem less inhibited. XD.


  1. Thank you Ankemaybe for this! (what, I'm still the only BWSS fan here? xD)

    Oh I so agree with you, how can Yukito give such replies? I used to think Kotori had always been the most clueless of the two, but I was wrong.
    They should really move on 'cause I want to see something new now.

    Oh I love Yukito's new short haircut, especially the fact he dyed his hair back to black to show his love for Kotori :)

  2. My pleasure, Freesiane. : ) Both of them are too self-conscious. They should think more of the other party and less of themselves. Yes! I agree. I want to see something new too.

  3. Wow! Thank you so much!^^

    i think...there are much more BWSS fans ..but the problem is maybe they do not look that often at google for the latest chapters but on manga-scan-sites like "mangafox" or "onemanga" ..and so on... eben though they don't have the latest chapters online...


    i'm looking forward to the next chapter! =3

    ..in my opinion that's problem in every relationship isn't it? I mean...that everybody only think of his/her own feelings...if everybody would be a little bit more selfless there wouldn't be that much troulbes! =3

    i wonder why the parents of yukito and kotori are irrelevant..?!
    do you remember "kare first love"? Karin and Kiriya?
    Karins parents had a huge affect on the relationship....

  4. Chinxize: : ) BWSS doesn't really give the context of the two leads. We have no knowledge of their background. Hmmm... it will be an interesting arc to take putting these characters in their context and we understand and see how their context (eg parents, or even past) affect their characters and their relationships.

  5. thz for very much for yr post..
    I did waiting for the this chapter for a long time:)
    I am just feel like seeing the "novel" now,haha
    Btw, thx for your description,it is so thoughtful you are<3

  6. thanks so much!~ :3 i'm in love in yukito.. reminds me of my crush >//< naww BWSS is still on going, correct? TT_TT i can't wait for next chapter xD


  8. You are my hero for doing these summaries. I am addicted to this series! cant get enough of it! when do they get released? when is the next chapter being released? thanks :D