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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mishounen Produce Chapter 18 (Final Chapter)

As promised, the last chapter of Mishounen Produce. This is late as some personal matters cropped up.

In the previous chapter, Kousei participated in the auditions. He took the panel of judges out to the natural setting and used it to his advantage. The judges were wowed at his agility and how comfortable and fitting he seemed to his surrounding. Teasingly, one of the judges asked why he chose acting as a career as he seemed very adapt in athletics.

Kousei replied: "So as to win the heart of someone special."

Scene switched back to Kako and Tomoe. Tomoe told her that Kousei would be her leading man. He confessed that the story was inspired by both of them.

Kako turned the page of the script given to her by Tomoe. She was surprised to discover that Tomoe would be the director of the show. Tomoe told her that he had been looking out for a suitable story for his debut as a director. When he realised about Kousei and Kako's relationship and background. He could not help but be captivated by it. He confessed that was the reason for him making things difficult for Kousei recently.

Kako asked why Tomoe would consider directing as he was such an accomplish actor. Tomoe told her he would like to expand his repertoire and discover more of his talents. Tomoe told Kako he believed Kousei felt the same way. Tomoe had received news from Kousei's agency that after this movie, Kousei will take up acting classes. Kako was shocked to hear this. She asked where Kousei would be going...

Tomoe replied:" ...to America, my home."

The production team was scouting for the location for their movie shoot. The team was impressed with the location as it gave them the feel of the countryside. They praised Tomoe for having a good eye and selecting such a perfect location. Tomoe replied that Kousei was the one who suggested this place.

Tomoe told Kousei and Kako to prepare for the shoot by walking around the location together.

Kousei looking happy and carefree commented:It's been a long time since I came back to this place. The air is indeed fresher in the countryside."

Kako seemed distracted and preoccupied. Tomoe called out her name. Kako apologised for being distracted. She could not help but think that although this was their hometown but it somehow felt very different now...

Kousei asked whether Kako was alright...

Kako lamented that since the audition, to keep up with appearance, her relationship with Kousei remained as fellow actors and because of that, she could not tell him her feelings. Kako told Tomoe she's ok. Tomoe told both of them to commence the rehearsal... They would start with the scene where the two leads decided to go to the city...

Tomoe (the director) gave the cue to start the rehearsal. Kousei started acting. He shouted out loud to his surrounding:" Listen carefully! We are going to leave here and soar to the city. We will show the city folks! We country bumpkins will go to the city and conquer the world!"
Kako:"Yes... we are...!" Within her, Kako thought, Kousei and her had been childhood sweethearts...and they love each other... She didn't want to separate from him.

Kousei, still acting said:" Thus, from today onwards, even if we are in high school or in the city, we will not be separated.

Looking at Kako, Kousei said: "We will be together forever!"

Kako forgetting that they were still acting and shouted out her thoughts:"Then, why are you leaving me and going away on your own!"

Everyone on the set was taken aback by Kako's sudden outburst... Kako was shocked at her own behaviour. She muttered:" Excuse me..." turned and ran out.


As Kako ran out, she bumped into someone. She immediately apologised. Her victim turned around and shouted at Kako to be more careful. Kako was surprised the victim seemed to recognise her but she could not tell who the person was. Upon closer scrutiny, Kako realised he was Raichi Kun!

Sometime ago, Raichi kun was still dressing up as a girl. However, now he looked like a man and even his voice sounded lower. Raichi explained that his current look was the agency's decision. They have decided that he should be styled as good looking male as compared to the sweet girl look. Moreover, he had grown taller and his voice had started to break. It would be impossible if he continued to crossdress as a girl. Kako exclaimed that it was a waste as Raichi kun had done a good job role playing a girl. Raichi was touched and embarrassed by Kako's vote of confidence...

Covering up his embarrassment, Raichi told Kako she seemed to have changed. Kako thought: "Change?"

Kako looked at the surrounding and thought about the many memories she had of Kousei and her playing there. As a breeze swept through, Kako thought that things had really changed. When she was in the countryside, it never occurred to her that she would one day change and Kousei had become an actor. However, if they did not leave the countryside, she would never have discovered her feelings for Kousei.

At that moment, a voice was heard saying:" You have heard about the news..."

It was Kousei. He continued:"The news about me leaving to study overseas. I spoke to the producer and he recommended this school to me. It is a great school. However, he advised me to go early. I will be away for about 2 years."

Kako thought to herself that 2 years seemed very long...

Kousei:"Kako, this place is where we first role played your favourite manga characters. I remembered how your eyes sparkled when I role played for you. Since then, role playing to make you happy became my interest... Thus, to be successful, I chose to study abroad. I will be back very soon."


Kako slapped Kousei. With tears in her eyes. She told him:" I don't want you to leave... Aren't you bothered about being apart from me? We have never been apart since young... If we can't be with each other, I rather you not change! Because the you now is sufficient..."

Kako suddenly realizes what she had just said to Kousei... Tomoe appeared and asked what's going on...

Kako realized that what she had said to him was what Kousei had said to her earlier when he found out about her advertisement shots with Tomoe ... She realized that she too felt possessive of Kousei...

Tomoe, unaware of their exchange told them to get ready for the next shoot.

However, Kako started to cry and she could not control her tears. She wondered how to explain to Tomoe...

At that moment, Kousei hugged her and buried her tear stained face in his shoulders and he pushed off and the both of them fell downwards..

At the same moment, Kousei said:"As for me, I have been trying hard and enduring..."

Tomoe stared on with a shocked expression.

Both of them tumbled into a bed of leaves. Kousei breaking the fall with Kako on top of him.

Kousei continued: "When I'm with you, no matter what we are doing, I feel this strong possessive desire. Even just now, when you were crying, I don't any other men to see that. Thus, I want to be a better man."

Gently with fingers touching her tear stained face, Kousei asked:" Is that ok, Kako?"

Kako looking intently at Kousei:"I won't stop you from continuing the "Produce" project. You are the one who discovered your talent. Go ahead and soar and become world's ..."

Kako with a radiant smile added:"...become world's number one man and come back for me. I know if it is Kousei, you will be able to do it because you are my best childhood sweetheart. I am satisfied."

Kousei:"Kako... I love you." and they kissed.

Narration: We were born in the countryside. Although we have only each other, I am very blessed. Thank you Kousei. Thank you for being born to be by my side.

2 years later. It is the school's festival. The school was putting up a play, Rorensu and Bara. It was Kako's favourite manga series (Kousei used to role play that for her).

Kako was trying to get the actors ready for the rehearsal.

Raichikun quarrelled with Kako about his costume... Minase asked Kako whether she is still working at Brights Production as a manager. She explained she was still learning the ropes there not considered a manager yet.

Minase asked whether Kako was getting prepared for Kousei's return so that she could be his manager. He asked whether Kako was lonely as they did not contact each other during their separation.

Kako replied with a smile that she was never lonely.

She explained to Minase that a more accurate feeling would be anticipation. She was anticipating Kousei's return.

Suddenly, a voice cried out:" This is infuriating! This role is obviously more suitable for me!"

Kako turned... and Kousei was standing at the door:" Come over here, my princess!"

Kako in Kousei's arms:"No matter what, we will be together in this dreamlike world where only two of us exist."

Wow. That's the end of Mishounen Produce. This is definitely a shoujo manga with all the cliches. I love it as I am a shoujo manga fan! I love Kousei's possessiveness. Sigh...


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