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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Strobe Edge Chapter 36

Dear Strobe Edge Fans,

This is the last chapter of Strobe Edge. I have such mixed feelings when translating and summarizing it. I wanted to get it up asap for all you fans (knowing that you are probably waiting anxiously for it), yet, I wanted to savour the moment. This is afterall, the LAST chapter. T_T.

Although, they didn't even kiss, but the mangaka was able portray the intensity of their feelings for each other. To me that is unforgetable lovey-doveyness. As Freesiane has pointed out, the smiling couple. Yes, they are the cover page of the last chapter of Strobe Edge. I so wish to see more of a smiling Ren...

Ninako is thinking that she wants to convey her thoughts and feelings to him...

Ninako blushes as she comes face to face with Ren. (Gosh... Ren is looking at her so intensely... ) Ninako: "Well... you see..." Ninako thinks to herself that she had refused him so now she must explain herself to him.
Ren: "Kinoshita San... I..."
Ninako to Ren :"I wish for you to listen to what I have to say."

Ren is surprised to hear this and he gives her his attention. Ninako feels Ren's eyes on her.
Ninako:"Perhaps, I am not apt at expressing and what I have to say may be long but... I wish for you to listen." Ren is looking at Ninako as she talks.
Overwhelmed, Ninako tears. She quickly wipes it away. She wonders why she is crying and that she should not cry now as she has not said the things she wants to say. She wonders why her chest feels tight.
In between tears, Ninako pleads with Ren:"..listen, ok?"

Ren looks at her: "Yes, I am listening." Looking at her intently, he says:"I will listen properly."

Wiping away her tears, she says:" To like Ren and to have you said that you liked me, this is beyond my dreams and my thoughts... but at that time I could not give you any response... this feeling of guilt... at that time, I thought it is cruel for me alone to feel blessed... My thoughts were filled with hopelessness....

Ninako continues :"However, I was terrified of being moved...and each time, I tried to find a plausible explanation for my behaviour... I protected only myself... because of that..." Ninako wants to explain her feelings and thoughts clearly but she cannot. She wants to convey her feelings properly but she can't. Frustrated, she tears again.

Ren, looking at her struggling:"It's ok."

Ninako looks at Ren and tells herself to convey her feelings across. Ninako:"I have endured this confused state for awhile..."

Ninako:"I have various things I have to say but even if these are not said, there is one thing I must say to you..." Ninako wonders how would what she has to say next affect the feelings between them. She must tell him.

Ninako bursting into tears confesses:"I love you Ren Kun." She wonders whether he feels the same.


Ninako interrupts:"Ren Kun, I love you. I want to become the most important person to you." Blushing and crying at the same time, Ninako continues:" I want to be able to do things like talk to you on the phone, send mails, share a cake with you, although I have a great appetite, I want to see you smile... I want to hold hands with you like a couple, I'm just saying it. We need not do that... but it does seem common to hold hands..." Ninako rambles on incessantly...

At that moment, Ren...

...reaches out and envelopes her into his arms. (T___T , I've waited so long, sooooo looongg for this...T____T, good job Ren. You are such a good, sweet boy. I just love this moment....sigh....)

Ninako blushing says:"I too, I want to hold you tight too... can I?... Ren blushes as he realizes what Ninako is asking... (so sweeeetttt)

Ren:"Please do." (this is unforgetable lovey-doveyness to me... I just love how they fit in each other's arms... sigh...)
Ren:"Don't let go."

Slowly, Ren pulls apart and looks into Ninako's eyes:"Kinoshita San, I love you, I love you very much." (the look that passes between them... Io Sensei, you are the best!!!)

Ninako:"Me too, I love Ren Kun very much..."

Narration: A world where the person you love, loves you too. Such a world glitters and sparkles...

Back in school the next day... Ninako is being surrounded by the girls in her class. Someone has seen Ninako and Ren at the train station yesterday. Some of her classmates express that they are shocked.

Someone asks:" Ninako, I thought you said Ren Kun is merely a friend?"

Ninako apologises:"I'm sorry, in truth, my feelings for him never did change since the beginning..."

Ninako's close friends teasingly calls her:" Hey, Ojousan (young lady), we can see that you are in a great mood." They wish her their blessings.

Of course amongst the girls, there are those who are not so enthusiastic with the news. One of the girls says:"Since Ren likes Ninako so there's nothing I can do..." One of them even says that she is surprised that Ren likes a commoner. Ninako is hurt to be called commoner.

Ren's buddies comment that they will support Ren's partner. Manabu:"I wonder how did Ren confess his feelings to Ninako, I'm going to tease him when he comes." At that moment, Andou who has been listening quietly to the comments stands up and leaves the class.

Andou bumps into Ren outside the classroom.

Ren:"Andou." Andou ignores him.
Ren calls out to him a few times but Andou refuses to acknowledge. Ren reaches out to stop Andou. Andou turns around tells him to hold the conversation. He doesn't want to listen to him now.

Andou to Ren:"Stupid bullshit!"

Ren calls him again. Out of frustration, Andou tells him to shut up and that he really doesn't want to listen to anything he has to say.

With a smile, Ren tells Andou that when he behaves in such a manner he is getting better (as in he is healing).

Andou replies Ren:"What do you know, idiot!" (Ren understands Andou : ) )

As Andou leaves the scene thinking how Ren can remain so calm towards him who has stolen Ninako's first kiss (I wonder how Ren will react when he knows this). As Andou leaves, a girl asks him whether he is free tonight and wants to play. Andou replies that he is sad and he doesn't want to go out. (Andou is healing...)

Back in class, Ren enters the class and sees Ninako telling about how Ren hugged her and she hugged him back... At that moment, Manabu sees Ren and announces:" Here comes the boyfriend!"
Ren walks up to Ninako:"Wait a minute, Kinoshita san..."

Ninako:"You heard it just now...

Minabu:" It's just sharing of happy tidings."

Teasingly, Minabu asks Ren:" Please teach us how you confess your feelings."

Ren with a straight face:" No."

Ren intending to silence further teasing tells the whole class:" This is between the two of us and it will remain a secret between us."

With that announcement, everyone in class turns a shade of pink at his bold declaration.

The class bursts into an uproar of teasing. They shout:" He says two of them.... their secret..." Ninako blushes furiously. Ren looks on and thinks that they are so noisy... Ren bends down and apologises to Ninako. He asks whether she has been harrassed by their teasing. Blushing as she replies Ren:"Actually, I'm quite happy (to be teased)."
Ren covering his blushing face replies:" In that case, it is good..." (So sweeeettt. Only Ninako can make Ren blush)

At the end of the day, as they leave school, someone shouted:" Ninako, Ren is going home. Do follow him. Please the two of you can you show more lovey-doveyness?"

Ren stretches out his hand to Ninako as they walk. In shock, Ninako stares at his outstretched hand and stares back at Ren.

Ren blushes and replies:"Isn't it common for people to hold hands? (he is repeating what Ninako said to him earlier).

Ninako lifts her hand slightly and Ren holds her hand.

Ninako comments:"I know I said about wanting to hold hands but I'm still feeling shocked..."

Ninako:"...I know this is common, I'm having difficulty. When will I get use to it .."

Ren:" You will soon..."

Ninako:"I feel a sudden tightening of my chest..."

Ren:" Me too."

Ninako is surprised to learn that boys feels so too.

Wanting to know more, she asks whether he feels his throat tightening too. Ren replies that he feels his collar bone creaking. (Bawhahahaha.... these 2 are so kawaii!!)

(Buchan, the cat has kittens!)

Again, love gathers.

Gosh. I'm overwhelmed. The sweetness level between the two more than hits the roof! Sigh... I am satisfied yet I want more... Io Sensei, please.... I love the ending statement. Love gathers or love piles up. I'm pondering over this phrase...

Ok. There will be a special edition chapter in the coming issue of Betsuma. The magazine seems to suggest that we will be able to see their first date! I am hoping we can see more lovey doveyness as well as a good ending for Andou. Ok. I would love to hear from you. Leave me your comments.


  1. Thank you very very much for the summary......wonderful job <3 <3 <3
    Actually I kinda disappointed.... we deserved at least one kiss....maybe in the shadow but sometimes a hug can convey so much more....I love the moment of the confession..... they are so cute and Ren was so intense. I'm disappointed for Andou too...I was expecting something more but well..... maybe I wouldn't have been able to think of something better than that myself. I have some expectations for the special chapter although I'm convinced that we won't get to see more but I'm happy they are together and the two of them blushing is so <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
    I adore this line
    "This is between the two of us and it will remain a secret between us."

  2. Anila: Douitashimashite! Perhaps we can see the kiss in the special edition. :)

  3. thank you thank you so much.....
    I just wish there'll be more about andou..... feels kinda lonely at the end for him.... i wish he could be with mao once again...
    according to my calculation, there should be enough space in vol 10 to fit a special chapter in...
    vol 8 ends at chapter 30 (with 4 chapters), so vol 9 (which is on the way to me...) should be 31-34... and vol 10 with 35-35 + next month's chapter.... there should be space for a andou story..... cross my fingers...

  4. OMG OMG That is sooo cute~! Thank you very very much for translating this. It ended so fast but it's worth the read.

    Yes, kiss please! Io-sensei, please have mercy on us. XDD

    Thanks again!!

  5. Meg: I hope you r right. I think a nice Andou chapter will be great!

    midoyi: Douitashimashite! : )

  6. hello:) hope you remember me, i got my copy of strobe edge already (from a friend who visited Japan)

    WOW at last! both are together now. Now I wanted Andou to have his own story too. And then show a short chappie on ren and andou- hope they will once again hangout...

    Actually... I like the story to focus on other characters like Daiki, or show a side story featuring manabu and his girlfriend, or how about him falling for one of Kinoshita's friends, the one with the curly hair, they seen to have a lot in common:p (actually, Manabu is one of my favorite character, his facial expressions are the BEST)

  7. tykie: : ) Yes I remember you! Congrats on your copy of Strobe Edge! I know what you mean. Every character in Strobe Edge has his/her charm. I love all of them and would love to have the mangaka detail out their stories.

  8. Thank you soo much! This has been my favourite manga for a while now and this last chapter just exceeded my expectations. It really did prove that you don't need a kiss scene to prove how strong, beautiful, and pure their feelings are because that's what amateur authors do, but not this sensei <3 Can't WAIT for the special edition chapter!

  9. hope so:) and thanks for putting up the scans- I'll frequent your site from hereon:)

  10. Anonymous: I totally agree. Io Sensei is a great story teller. She is able to milked every aspect of a seemingly common situation and makes it so sweet, tender and unbelievably stirring. : )

    tykie: Domo arigatou!

  11. "Ren Kun, I love you. I want to become the most important person to you." Blushing and crying at the same time, Ninako continues:" I want to be able to do things like talk to you on the phone, send mails, share a cake with you, although I have a great appetite, I want to see you smile... I want to hold hands with you like a couple, I'm just saying it. We need not do that... but it does seem common to hold hands..." [I cried with this part, touching moment]

    I'm proud of my Little Andou [healing mode]

    Holding hands? *fangirl scream* [so cute]

    "Buchan, the cat has kittens!" [buhahaha how cute!]

    Can't wait for the next issue of Betsuma [Are you getting it & translating it? *curious* Thank you Ankemaybe very much for all the summaries and raws. Let me tell you i was really sad that Strobe Edge was ending. When i started reading manga, i didn't know where to start. My cousin was the manga freak at the moment then i got into the whole shoujo scene. This manga was the 7th manga in my life. I found it in onemanga.com and its so special to me. I'm happy that i live to see the day that this manga started & ended [because cmon there is manga's out there that take 10-30 years to finish] lol. I'm sad but happy. T_______T Thanks again for sharing this Ankemaybe because i know you don't have too but you do! Thank you very much!! Love ya


  12. NOOOOOOOOO IT'S FINISH!!! *Cry hard*. Thankfully there's a special chapter. I love this manga and I'm really thankfull that you summarize and translate it. THANK YOU SO MUCH ANKEMAYBE!! You're very the best<3<3<3! I have been lurking on your profile just to see strobe edge. OOH MY GOD!! I guess the saying "image are worth a thousand words" is so true. When I saw their lovey-doveyness, I was about to cry of joy. This chapter really made me go "AWWWWW" the whole time. I hope to see more in the special chapter. I wonder if the cat ( buchan her name??) having kittens is some kind of foreshadowing of Ninako and Ren >.>...lolol. KYAAAH what the fruit am I saying?? I blame this chapter! Anyways, I too, hope to see some happy-ending for Andou in the special chapter. Also, I wonder if Ren will learn that ninako's first kiss was with Andou and what will be his reaction... ;). ARRGGH I can't wait XD. Again, thank you so much Ankemaybe. I llooooooovee yooooouu!!!


  13. Aria: I love that moment too. Ninako is so sweet and truthful about her feelings! So utterly refreshing and cute. : ) Yes. I will get the next issue of Betsuma too and will definitely translate the special edition chapter.

    Yes. Strobe Edge holds a special place in my heart too. These 2 plus years, I have been faithfully following this manga... Sigh... it is almost like letting go a loved one... Sigh...

    Douitashimashite. : )

    Anonymous: : ) In my opinion, the cat having kittens is definitely symbolic of their relationship bearing fruits (although not in child-bearing way)! Thus, the chapter ends with the phrase: "Again, love gathers."

  14. And what about Daiki and Sayuri?
    What about Andou and Mao?
    What about Yuutaro?

    Jeez, there's still so much potential even without creating love triangles and stuff.

    Why did it have to end so fast T_T

  15. Oh wow, thank you so much!!!
    This chapter is giving me the chills, in good and bad ways. It was almost too cheesy, at times i had to fight the urge to cover my eyes and to scream and bite into my pillow. And now there´s nothing left for me than tossing and turning the hole night, agonizing over the fact that it has ended ^__^ Ahh, well i´m even more excited for the comming special edition chapter.
    And again,thank you so much for putting this up, now you are officially my most favorite person in the world ^__^

  16. great work, this chapter almost gave me a sweet tooth, I'm just sad about Andou.

  17. Absolutely agree with Babette on the "bite into the pillow" thing xD, though I didn't find the chapter "too cheesy".
    Rather, like Ankemaybe said, it was so kawaii!!!! Especially the moment Ren says that he feels his collar bone creaking! that line totally cracked me up!!! so much that I had to cover my face with my hair while fighting the urge to scream xD (it's midnight here)

    What else can I say? I felt so overwhelmed myself throughout Ninako's whole confession. Ren's tender expression when she tells him she loves him... he, smiling at her when she stammers, with tears still flowing from her eyes... oh, and when they hug each other, tightly! I love it all :)))
    I have to say, Ankemaybe, your little introduction ("Although they didn't kiss") gave me quite a shock at the beginning (LOL xD) but it's okay, I forgot all about it afterwards :P, I was perfectly content with all the lovey-doveyness, until Andou remembered me about the stolen kiss. I was like "Oh yes, the kiss!" xD
    All the love and tenderness conveyed through this whole chapter will be indeed, unforgetable. Still, I can't wait to see Ren's reaction in the special chapter!!! Hopefully Io sensei will let us see it!

    Personally, I think the author does the best by choosing to end the series like this, flawlessly, with only a special chapter as the epilogue. I'm sure she will use it as a chance to show everyone with a happy face, not only Ren and Ninako.

    Thank you so much Ankemaybe! for considering us crazy fans' eagerness, and taking the time off your schedule to bring us these awesome summary and pics!

    Let's cheer up, everyone! :)
    I'll keep loving Strobe Edge, always, from the bottom of my heart <3

  18. Kanade: I'm hoping that the special chapter will tell us more about the other characters. Having said that, it is just a chapter so can't expect too much.

    Babette: Strobe Edge induces so much emotions in us and at different levels. : ) Domo Arigatou!

    Jayde: I believe we will see more of Andou next chapter! : )

    Freesiane: My dear kindred spirit Freesiane. I felt the same way. At first I scanned the chapter looking for a hint of Ren's response to the stolen first kiss. When I found none, I was thinking, "What is Io Sensei thinking?" As I took my time to read the whole chapter I was content with all the lovey-doveyness and had forgotten about the stolen kiss until Andou mentioned it. Gosh. I believe we will hear more about the kiss in the next chapter (I hope).

  19. I have a small question... when did Ren started calling her Kinoshita-CHAN? I remember reading the scans my Starry Heaven and he still says Kinoshita-san from what I can remember..

  20. ahhh thanks so much for this!!! d'awww i'm like overflowing with cotton candy fluffy sweetness inside! i'm glad there was no kiss scene between ren and ninako because honestly it didn't take away from anything! one of my favorite endings to a manga everrr :D

  21. Anonymous: It is a typo error. I put san in the rest except for the one at the beginning. I have since made the correction.

    Ren is so formal (or proper is a better word). He didn't call her Ninako chan but always her surname. : )

  22. THANKS SO MUCH Ankemaybe!!!!! =D I love this chapter!!! Of course as everybody stated, I want SE to last longer...but in some ways I can understand the mangaka ending the series at a high. There are other mangas that just drags the love angle a bit too much (i.e. Skip Beat), & it's just SO frustrating!! 160 chapters of unrequited love, filler stories & cliffhangers...

    At least with SE, we get some closure on Ninako & Ren. Who knows, maybe Andou will get his happy ending in the extra chapter too (or maybe a spinoff manga perhaps?).

    But thanks again. Now that OneManga shut down, I'm glad that there are still people like you & Kat (tatsukida) who's able to share these lovely summaries/scans to fans. If SE will be printed here in the States, I'll definitely buy the whole series.

    From the artwork, characters, storyline, and the different emotions it invokes..."Strobe Edge" is probably my favorite manga of all. =)

  23. angelmiz: Yes. I do agree. I have since given up on Skip Beat. : )
    Strobe Edge is definitely one of the best mangas I have read too. Love the artwork, characters and all. It has been translated to mandarin and I read mandarin thus I have been collecting the series. It is wonderful to read and reread the series. I do hope that you will get to buy SE in States. : )


  24. ughhh i want an epilogue (;_;) i want to see what happened after that like mayuka's feeling, andou, gacchan, etc etc. i want to see ren as a university student! will there be an epilogue or only side story?

  25. Saya: Sigh... I know what you mean and how you feel. We love these characters so much that we want to get to know them better and have them around longer.

  26. I just picked up my own issue of Betsuma at the local conbini myself today. The ending was sooo good and I can't wait to go buy Betsuma for the extra chapter chapter next month, and I definitely can't wait to read the Strobe Edge novel!!

    I'm also going to totally enter in the contest XD Hope I win something!!

  27. Clairparfait: : ) Good for you! Hope you win something!

  28. I love this manga
    thank you ♥

  29. thank you so much i just wish that they kissed :3 I'm hoping that the special chapter will tell us more about ando and mao.despite of that Strobe Edge become now one of my favorite manga .

  30. mila and dhouha.k: Douitashimashite!

  31. Wah
    This is so kawaii i can't take it^^
    Thx^^ I love it, but it is sad that its already the end.
    I really look foward to the extra chapter.

  32. Anonymous:I'm glad u like it. : )

  33. oh jesus! i almost sqee-ed out loud in class when i was reading your summary^^

    i kinda wanted to cry a little..."A world where the person you love, loves you too. Such a world glitters and sparkles..."
    how pretty...i love the ending^^

    thanks for the translation <3

  34. It was a great last chapter! I loved it! It was so kawaiiiii (especially when Ren blushes ^^) Yes, indeed they really love each other ^-^ Loved the intensity! Wished it would continue.....:weep: Looking forward to the extra chapter ^v^ Thanks again for translating Ankemaybe-san ^^

  35. Is it true that the "epilogue" will be out 9/13?

    I really hope for more for this couple along with Andou. :)I can't wait.

  36. Priscilla: Yes. I'm likely to get it on 13 of Sep too. Look out for it. ^^

  37. Oh! this is really great...
    the ending, even though it doesn't have kissing or intimate scenes. The story have it's own touch to the heart's of reader's
    I really can't stop smiling while reading this chapter ^.^

  38. I feel like... NInako is just voicing what I'm feeling while reading this >.<

  39. Personally, I wanted her to end up with Andou, but I knew that was never going to happen ._.
    I'll just have him, INSTEAD! ;D

    I swear I kept seeing Anna-chan from Blue in here >_<

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    anyways ren and ninako are just as cute!

  43. Thank you sooo much!! I started reading this manga a while ago and I've been waiting so long for these chapters! This is the most unpredictable, heart-warming manga I have ever read, and the way you explained it is fantastic.
    Ninako is such a wonderful character; so simple and pleasant :3 I'm very pleased she ended up with Ren. (:

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  46. such a good manga,i'm sad it ended ..
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