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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Strobe Edge Chapter 33

Hi fellow Strobe Edge fans, finally chapter 33 is here. I don't know what to say. I was speechless after reading the chapter. Nonetheless, I believe this chapter will generate a lot of discussions. The cover page says it all, Andou is in tears. Here we go...

Ninako tries to call Ren. She cannot get him... She thinks it is because he is in the train and thus there's no reception. She leaves a message telling him she wants to speak to him when they next meet in school. She wants to tell him what has been bothering her. She is so nervous she said the same thing twice whilst leaving the message ~~~~~ aahhhhh... XD r we going to get a confession from Ninako?!? Go girl go! Ren will hug you and declare his affection too!

She flushes just leaving the message for Ren. Ninako is wondering whether she is too hasty and rash in calling Ren. ~~~~ Noooo! Of course not!
She is thinking about Ren and Andou's friendship and how her confession can be a burden to Ren. Nonetheless, she decides to confess. ~~~~~ Yes!!!

Ninako, Andou and Gaachan are at the restaurant preparing to start work... Gaachan (thinking that Ren has already confessed) tries to fish for information and asks whether someone confessed after the sports meet.

Ninako looking embarrassed quickly denies... She is thinking that her confession is going to be a failed attempt... She excuses herself and goes out to sweep the floor. Gaachan seeing her reaction realises that Ren may not have confessed... Andou sees all these and cannot help but begins to feel worried. ~~~ Gaachan?!! I'm feeling murderous! Please butt out!!!

Ninako is sweeping the street and she sees a couple walking hand in hand, she dreams of walking hand in hand with Ren... So cute...

Meanwhile, Ren takes a break from work and checks his handphone. (sigh... he looks so arresting, my heart does flip flops just seeing him) He notices a message from Gaachan asking whether he has confessed. He sends back a message and says no. He sees Ninako's name in his voicemail box... he chokes... and blushes... ~~~~aawww...

He listens to the message that Ninako left in his voicemail box. He can't wait for that day to come where Ninako will tell him what's bothering her.

Meanwhile Gaachan and Andou are taking a rest from their work. Gaachan talks aloud about Ren not confessing yet. ~~~ Gaachan!!!... please...

Andou asks Gaachan to explain and Gaachan tells Andou that Ren intends to confess to Ninako. Andou is shocked to hear this and is overwhelmed at the turn of events...

As their work at the restaurant ends later than usual, Andou sends Ninako back home. Along the way, Andou contemplates what his next step should be. He thinks he should confess again. Ninako bumps into a passerby.

The passerby tries to intimidate Ninako. Andou tries to help but the man is not placated. He picks a fight with Andou. Andou asks Ninako to leave first saying that he doesn't want Ninako to see his weak side... Andou is punched...

Ninako tries to help by hitting the man with her bag. The man shouts at her and threatens to hit her. Andou kicks him and uses his body to shield Ninako from further attacks. Ninako protected from the onslaught screams for help ~~~ Andou... that is going to earn you points...

Afterwards, Ninako apologises to Andou. She asks to clean Andou's bruises and cuts. He refuses. He refuses to face her as he does not want her to see him in this condition.

With his back facing her, Andou confesses to her again. He tells her he really likes her, and everything about her...

He tells Ninako to leave first... At that moment Ninako's phone rings. It is Ren! ~~~ I'm going to cry...

Ninako is about to tell Ren what happened when Andou snatches the phone away and hangs up the call. He tells Ninako not to tell Ren...

Andou walks away with a sad expression. Ninako cannot help but tears.

Ren calls again and asks to meet her now. While heading towards the meeting area, Ninako resolves not to confess to Ren. Seeing how sad Andou is, she cannot bring herself to tell Ren her true feelings... ~~~~ Ren, I going to depend on you to put an end to my misery. Please Ren...

Ren and Ninako meet near her place. He asks her to take a walk with him...

Ren: "Kinoshita Chan, I really like you, even if you have someone else in mind now, I hope you will fall in love with me." Ninako is surprised and very happy to hear this. She is thinking to herself that she likes him very much too. Yet images of Andou shielding her with his body and his sad expression surfaces... ~~~ Ninako, please don't break Ren's heart...

That ends Chapter 33. Like I say, I'm speechless... The long awaited confession is tainted with sadness... All I can say is that " Sakisaka sensei, you are very cruel... cruel but a very gifted story teller..."


  1. Woooow... That was one interesting chapter.
    I'm still all shaken up by the events...

    Once again, Sakisaka sensei has succeeded in making me go through all sorts of emotions:
    right now, rather than being speechless, I can't help feeling completely HYSTERIC, knowing that Ren has FINALLY confessed to Ninako!!... And yet, I'm also feeling awfully sad for Andou...

    Strobe Edge really is the only manga (actually, the only one aside from Vampire Knight) which always makes me change my mind on who, between the two male protagonists, I want to see ending up with the girl; even though I'm sure that in normal circumstances, I like Ren waaay better than Andou, there are also times when my preference completely goes to Andou.

    *Sigh...* I love this manga for the confusion it always puts me through xD

    As for the chapter in itself:
    waaah, I can't believe how adorable Ren is!! <3 Choking and blushing just because he found out Ninako left a message on his phone xD; I have not managed to recover from the sight of his cute blushing face yet >_<

    I feel stupid for having once imagined that Andou would kindly and easily return to Mao now that he knows she likes him. I'm sorry for having underestimated his feelings for Ninako... =( Now I can't remember how many times he told Ninako that he likes her...

    *Sigh* (again)
    I don't dare make assumptions for what will come next.

    Btw, can you tell me what you understand from this teaser for the next chapter?

    Okaaay, that was a very long comment; thanks for reading!
    Now I can finally relax and concentrate on my exams with all my might xD

    Ciao Ankemaybe!
    Love u!! <3

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  3. Oh god it's finally come to the moment where Ren confesses and Ninako is having images of Andou in her mind >___<;; I seriously can't ever anticipate what Sakisaka Io will do next! What if she falls for Andou? Oh god that would cause a lot of trouble for her and Mao... I don't know if I can wait for next month!

  4. OMG!! It made me want to cry for Andou, he walked away with that sad expression because he knew Ren was going to tell her & he knew she was going to be taken away by Ren T_T

    "Kinoshita Chan, I really like you, even if you have someone else in mind now, I hope you will fall in love with me."
    OMGGG! What a confession! It made me laugh and scream at the same time! I'm torn here like Freesiane. I really don't know who i want her to end up with but i know if she stays with Andou i won't be happy.

    Oh & Ren wow you forgot about Mayuka sooo fast! =O
    Seriously this chappie is one of the best so far! I'm here excited hitting the table lmao XD

    Thanks Ankemaybe! You're the best!

  5. Thanks!!
    I`m very surprised with this chapter, sakisaka is really a very good story teller (like you said)
    I can`t wait to see how Ninako respond to ren...>__<

  6. OMG I can't believe how happy I am to see someone choke!! xD hahahaaa

    Okay, I'm off now!... For real! xD

  7. Freesiane:


    Ninako gets the confession she really wants but Andou's injury and feelings affected her... She is going to give her reply to Ren in the next chapter...

    Doesn't really say much about what is to come except that Ninako will give her reply. Sigh... I hope she tells Ren her reservations. I think that it a bit impossible cos Andou has told her not to let Ren know about his feelings etc...

  8. OMG...I'm stunned! I can't believe andou got hurt like that...aww now ninako probably doesn't want to hurt andou even though he's trying so hard! Such a bittersweet moment...I hope ninako gives an honest reply to ren instead of just putting it off... probably not gonna happen yet but I'm still cheering for ninaren for the next chapitre! >•<

  9. Thank you to all who left your comments.

    Actually, I was rendered speechless cos I don't know what to think of Andou's behaviour and reactions. I've always felt that he had this go all out attitude to get things he wanted and put himself against Ren (Mao, in the beginning even though he knew Mao had eyes for Ren; and now Ninako who also likes Ren). He was hurt in doing so and in turn hurt others too, especially Ren.

    I'm curious to know how Ren will react when or if he finds out. I hoping Ninako will tell the truth.

  10. it's a reverse. No! don't pity andou for his reaction! you love ren, ninako! that's your feeling >o<

  11. OMG! I even stopped working just to read this. OMG OMG Ren confesses... and poor Andou... this is heartbreaking for Ninako, too~ I'm gonna cry for her right now T___T

  12. awww Andou >_<...poor..if she stays with Ren it will break my heart..so predictable

  13. If she were to end up with Andou, that'd just be retarded. Not once has Andou showed he actually cares for her. Begging her to be with him ISN'T PROVING ANYTHING. It makes him look like a douche who loves HIMSELF too much. I highly doubt she'll end up with him though, since the manga-ka seems to have a good head on her shoulders and won't simply try to please the fangirls.Besides, it'd be dumb if Ninako SUDDENLY developed feelings for Andou's desperate/pathetic arse. However, Ninako wouldn't want to ruin their friendship (which isn't really a friendship anyway but...) :c I couldn't care less for Andou. The day he grows a pair and actually shows it's not ALL ABOUT HIM, I'll care.

    On to the chapter itself. I... I was twitching all over the place from all the excitement. YES, REN. FINALLY. I hope Strobe Edge ends soon so I can finally see them together... First time I've ever wanted a manga I like, to end too. :/

  14. Anonymous, I like the way you think. Andou was being selfish, he already knew he was going to be rejected and he knew Ren was going to confess. I think he already knew that Ninako was the type who wouldn't want to ruin good relations, and so he purposefully confessed to her so that she would be in a state of confusion/distress and reject Ren. If he really loved her, he would think of what's best for her and allow her to be with whom she wishes rather than to just throw himself uselessly at her several times. Especially when he's been rejected already.

  15. Hi, I know this is random, but may I know when will chap19 be uploaded? like on mangafox or somewhere? I'm a little confused.

  16. Anonymous: There is a summary of chapter 19 given in Houkago's livejournal. You can get it at "http://orichalcum01.livejournal.com/11247.html".

  17. I underestimated andou's feelings.i thought he would somewhat like mao again.. but i was wrong.!~true,andou can get the reader's compassion right now(because of his situation).. but he's filled with self pity, pride ,selfishness..that's why he's getting unlucky in love ..but still he must let ninako go...sheesshh.i kinda pity him too but i still root for ren no matter what :D!i bet both of them(andou and ren) had suffered enough from the past . it's just that andou is very transparent in his feelings and that ren only kept his' ..Basing from ninako's attitude,i bet she would try to save the friendship of ren and andou and keep him(andou)from being hurt again..But im still confused right now as to what will be ninako's answer and yet i have a feeling that ninako would reject ren![ninako please dont spoil ren's confession],i mean for ren's attitude,it must be hard and embarrassing to do something like that..If ninako will accept ren's confession,then the story would go bit fast??or something like that..but on the contrary,if she wont,then there will be still some twist and turns..frankly speaking,it's okay for me if ninako will reject ren but she have to tell her feelings first and explain it to him why.even if andou says not to tell ren.

    what a long comment..thanks for reading..
    .sigh..THANK YOU for the summary :D.

  18. andou is easily the best character in the manga. but i agree that andou can do much better than a girl like ninako. he is too good for her.

  19. Soo nice! Thxs 4 the summary! I so damn damn luv it! Really, after waiting for so longg... He confessed to her! Lols, i hope that she wouldn't be affected by Andou...

  20. aww.. Andou...I can't believe it!!!
    Ninako is so indecisive, if she really likes ren she shouldn't let andou hold her back but at the same time I kinda want her to be with andou since his feelings are sincere...but I'm still gonna root for ninaren! <3
    thank you so much for sharing this, I can't wait until the next chapter!!:)

  21. I can't believe some people are saying Andou is totally selfish in his feelings after he threw himself BODILY onto Ninako to protect her from being beaten up. That was totally thinking about himself, right?! Dude, you can prefer the Ren x Ninako pairing, but have a little respect for what the guy did in this chapter.

    Also, to clarify: the only thing Andou doesn't want Ninako to tell Ren is that he got beaten up (because he's humiliated over it), but he also told her he's not going to pursue her anymore, so I really don't see how that request should keep Ninako and Ren apart. When he was walking away, he told her to just forget about him, more or less, so as far as Andou is concerned, he's out of the picture now. Anything that happens from this point on to keep Ren & Ninako apart is 100% on NINAKO'S shoulders.

    Anyway, I get that the mangaka wants to drag out the confession a bit longer, but I was upset that she chose to do it in this particular way (by having another character get beaten up). It didn't sit well with me in the same way that random tragic events (i.e. car crashes, character deaths, etc.) don't sit well with me as a way of keeping a couple apart. It was less tragic than having someone's house burn down, but I can't honestly say I liked that she did it.

  22. nyaaaaa Ando-kun...poor guy...
    Ren refused Ninako several times...Andou deserve one chance...
    but I know that love for piety not is good...
    BUT!BUT!BUT Ando-kun tried so hard!!
    so sad TT_TT

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