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Monday, October 11, 2010


Earlier, I shared on my dilemma. Which comics magazines to get: Betsufure or Margaret? Many of you have contributed your suggestions and thoughts. This is the results of the poll. Seems like most of you prefer Betsufure. ^_^

Which magazine should I subscribe to? Margaret or Betsufure?
Margaret 62 votes
Betsufure 84 votes
143 voters
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I went to the bookshop recently and bought a copy of each magazine (Margaret's and Betsufure's October issue) to sample.^_^. Sigh... such a difficult decision. I think the reason is that I'm following most of the manga serialised in these 2 magazines. I really wish space is not a concern for me. Sigh... After much struggle, I going to subscribe to Betsufure. Main reason, Margaret is published fortnightly (a definite hazard to my already crammed shelves).

Reading the October issue of Betsufure, I was disappointed that Kare wa Diablo (thank you Kanade for recommending this manga) was on hiatus. The series seems very interesting. It should be up in the November issue and I'm a few days away from getting the magazine! \^^/

The Nov issue of Betsufure looks so yummlicious! I am likely to summarise Shiro no Eden & Kare wa Diablo. Look out for them.

As for Kinkyori Renai's fans, I'll be missing about 9 chapters if I start summarising from the magazine, thus I will probably wait for the tankubon before summarising.


  1. I love you! <3 Thank you so much for desideing to summarise Shiro no Eden! Can you also summarise Kirara no Hoshi by Ai Morinaga? It also in Betsufure too and her story is really funny!!

  2. Anonymous: ^^ You r welcome. I've not firmed up what I want to summarise. There are many series in Betsufure that are interesting. A new series, 居候お断り (Isourou o Kotowari) is another interesting manga. I read its first chapter found in the October issue. Looks good!

    I love 隣 のあたし(Tonari no  Atashi) too and have been collecting its tankoubon. Gosh... I wish I've more time to summarise as many as possible. ^^

  3. Heey I was wondering.....
    If you are still going to summarise FTAK??
    I hope you do because I want to know what is going to happen next.
    but thank you for summarising.


  4. Anonymous: Yes. I will be summarizing FTAK soon. To tell u the truth, nothing much happened. Still the same. Thus, I'm loosing interest. But no worries, will put up the chapter soon (end of the week).

  5. Akamaru *faints* "Gakuen Ouji"
    Ankemaybe may i know why did you stop buying Betsuma? Well as for me Strobe Edge is gone and so its the magazine XD was it the same for you?

    Thanks ~

  6. Aria: Yes. Strobe Edge was the reason why I subscribed to Betsuma. ^^ Now that it has ended, I thought it is good time to experience another magazine. ^^ I like quite a few of the series in both Margaret and Betsufure.

  7. kyaaa I'm so happy for shiro no eden!! you made my day thank you :)