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Saturday, January 1, 2011

迷雾中的蝴蝶/Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru Chapter 20

Dear fans of this series,

I apologise for the long wait and the long exodus. With this, I hope my momentum for summarising manga series will pick up.

The chapter begins with Shinya's perspective of the past. This is back to before Shinya was Crude Play's bass player.

Shinya was in the recording studio with Takagi. Shinya recalled that the first time he heard Aki's music, he was 17 years old. Takagi handed to Shinya a copy of Crude Play's song and asked whether he could help to play this song's bass.

At that time, Shinya's job was to listen to debut songs of newcomers. As he listened to Crude Play's demo tape, he commented that Aki was a good bass player. Takagi commented that Aki was 18 and of the same age as Shinya. Shinya corrected Takagi. He clarified that he was 17 and Aki is one year his senior. Shinya recalled that he was probably feeling competitive towards Aki even during then.

Takagi continued to ask Shinya what he thought of the song. Shinya told him he thought that Aki was very talented and that the song would sell well. Takagi brushed him aside and told him that he wasn't asking about that but his feelings about the song. Shinya wondered about Takagi's intentions...

Takagi pressed and asked Shinya why it is so difficult for him to answer that question. Shinya replied that he love the song and asked whether that was the answer Takagi was asking for.

Takagi ignored his outburst. He exclaimed that it was great that Shinya love the piece so much. Shinya replied that it is not important whether he love the song or not. Takagi explained that it is very important as he believed that the person who really loved the song should play it.

As Shinya observed Takagi's behaviour, he thought that the reason why Takagi was surrounded by people was because of his enthusiasm towards music...

Takagi told Shinya to listen to the whole song thoroughly. Shinya commented that Takagi seemed to really like the song very much.

Shinya remembered that at that time, Takagi looked really proud and satisfied. As Shinya listened to Aki's song, he commented that Aki was really very talented and gifted.

At that time, Shinya put in all his effort to play that piece as best as he could...

...it was his way of showing his love and appreciation for the song.

The first time Shinya met Aki, he could tell that Aki seemed uncomfortable. Shinya thought it was because Aki did not like the way he played his song. Shinya tried to experiment other ways of expressing the song to get Aki's satisfaction. He told Aki, he would play until Aki was satisfied.
Aki responded by asking Shinya whether he could do him a favour. Shinya gladly replied that he would do anything.

Aki asked Shinya to replace him as a member of Crude Play as he would never perform again. Shinya was shocked...

Takagi told Shinya that things turned out well afterall. He felt that Aki would be puffed up if everything went well for him. Takagi added that this humbling encounter may help Aki to write better music.

As Shinya listened to Takagi, he thought why no one bothered to ask him about his feelings.

Shinya thought that he was but an instrument that was selected to help cultivate a genius; he was the "hateful" character.

Shinya recalled that when Crude Play gave their debut performance, fans were screaming for Aki. They shouted that Aki was better. Aki fans had followed him since before the group was talent-scouted by Takagi.

...although he was not welcomed and loved, yet Shinya had to force himself to go out and perform...

The third single was Crude Play's number 1 single. And Crude Play became number 1 because of that song.

Shinya recalled that it was about that time that Mr Taki passed away. Mr Taki was a famous and accomplished bass player...

Shinya noted that although many famous stars appeared at his funeral, the media did not report this event. Shinya could not help but think that Mr Taki died an unknown hero.

Mr Taki left messages to many people including Shinya. Shinya looked into the note and saw the message for him:

" Shinya

Find your partners"

Since then, Shinya had been planning for his new band. Whether the name of the band is in English or Japanese, the letters must come before Crude Play. Shinya has also been scouting for a lead singer, someone better that Shun of Crude Play...

Shinya thought that no matter how talented Aki was. The band would not be so popular without a good singer. In one their practice sessions, Shinya could not help but conclude that Shun was a very good singer... Takagi laughed and commented that Shun has very good showmanship. Shinye concluded that would make Takagi the genius of spotting talented people.

At that time, Aki's music was about friends, family and day to day events. Shinya wondered whether Takagi introduced his own lover to Aki to help him further his music-writing career (to help him find love and write about love).

Shinya could not help but wonder whether to Takagi, Aki was that important.

Shinya continued to wonder whether Takagi planned everything. To introduce Aki to love using his own lover and to forcefully take her away from him so that he would experience a broken heart. And all this to help Aki write better songs... He wondered whether Riko was part of Takagi's plan to help Aki write better songs...

Shinya recalled the time when Riko took his hand and agreed to be his protege, he was so excited and happy then.

He recalled Aki stating that Riko is his girlfriend... Shinya thought that he would have to break them up. He absolutely MUST break them up...

What an interesting chapter! Takagi is such a scary character. Manipulative and crazy. I have no pity for Shinya. Although he was made used of by Takagi to further Aki's talents, Shinya had a choice. No one put a gun to his head and forced him to be Crude Play's bass player. Shinya is responsible for his choice and not Aki.

I hope Shinya will not end up the ultimate villian.

In any case, the story is picking up. Shinya has declared his intentions of breaking Aki and Riko up. Show time...


  1. Thanks a lot for translating this! I agree that Shinye had a choice, so he is responsible for his actions. But Takagi is well... a music version of Yagami Light HAHA. He really thought about this, he totally knows how to play the game and manipulate others to make it somehow his win. I must say, I don't think I encounter characters like him in a manga that much! Especially in music. Kudos to the mangaka and Happy New Year AnkeMaybe! LOL, I never used to comment on your blog and it's my first time I think.. But I come here most of the time ;] Thanks for translating this and Mishounen Produce and Bokutachi wa Shite Shimatta. -RaeBabeeyx3

  2. Rae: Hahaha... Death Note's Yagami Light. I can see that. Wanting to be like God and conceited. I like this series too and I'm hoping the mangaka will not drag this out. The previous few chapters were too short... Thanks for reading and have a great new year too!

  3. Thank you very much for the summary! This series is very compelling. I actually kind of like Shinya. He is smart, talented and driven to be the best. He is more interesting to me than Aki. Takagi is much older and more mature, so I see him as the real villain, manipulating these young musicians as pawns and completely unscrupulous in how he deals with them. I've never really forgiven Aki for how he started his relationship with Riko; he lied to her about everything, basically. He better make some good choices soon!

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