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Monday, April 26, 2010

Crimson Hero


  1. Thank you very much for sharing these fantastic raws with us!


  2. Hey Ankemaybe ;)
    Thank you for this chapter <3
    I've always been a fan of crimson hero, but didn't dare ask you to post it. You already did so much for us.

    I'm posting Margaret tomorrow, maybe even Sho Comi if I can get it. At least Margaret for sure ^^

  3. freesiane: my pleasure. sorry i took so long. was busy.
    Yuka: glad u like the raws. : )

  4. animangageek: Your guess is as good as mine. I don't think he is dead (at least not in this chapter). I hope he will not die...

  5. Me too. Do you know where i can see some previous chapters?

  6. animangageek: if u read mandarin, try 17kk.com

  7. what happanned! how did youshin get injured? that cause nobara playing YoY hope he won't die

  8. ouah!!!
    i'm so shocked.... i didn't expect this.... hope he will not die... :(
    thank you so much for the raws!!

  9. Ok my jaw dropped! What's happening!?
    OMG i hope you upload the next chappie Ankemaybe.
    Thank you so much for everything!

  10. Alright fellow fans, will post the raws up asap. Look out for it.

  11. thank you very much for sharing your raw.
    I love this manga and it's very hard to find raw after vol 16.
    I was shocked by the developpement and can't wait to know the following.

  12. okaaay, so I was surfing for the latest chapters being translated and happened to come across this page. I really hope you will upload the following chapters. I am dying to know what happened to Yushiin. Thanks a bunch.