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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta 傻傻未知爱 Chapter 39

Finally, some serious lovey doveyness. Yes! They spent a great part of the chapter clarifying their feelings for each other. Finally, Yukito takes the lead and hugs her! Sigh... you should have done that long time ago so that she feels more secure!!! We can expect more in the next chapter. Perhaps a kiss...

Yukito stretches out his hands to touch Kotori... Not knowing his intentions, Kotori hides from him and expresses that she is confused and wanted to confirm his feelings and intention. ~~~ *slaps forehead* this girl really takes clueless to the extreme!

Kotori thinks that Yukito has two sides to him. She is not sure which is real. He seems to like her and yet somedays, he ignores her. Yukito is put in a spot. ~~~ Hahaha...
Blushing... Yukito explains that he really likes her...
since Kotori is still hiding, Yukito stretches out his hands and grabs her into his arms. ~~~ about time!!!

Yukito: "...finally, I caught you..." Kotori tears. Yukito apologises when he realises that she is crying. She confesses that she is happy...

She turns into his arms and tells him she really likes him...

Kotori remembers that her clothes is dirty and becomes conscious of her appearance again... ~~~ sigh... there is no end to her insecurities...

Yukito turns and tells Kotori that he will send her home. Kotori hugs him from behind and refuses to go yet. She wants to spend more time with him...

Yukito explains his reason for working hard at his part time. He is saving to get his motorbike and licence. And that he will be spending his summer holidays with her. He will be working tomorrow night too... so he promises to spend today with her.

Yukito asks whether they can kiss...


  1. Hi hi hi, dear Ankemaybe,
    How are you?
    I was taking a little break from cramming, so I thought of dropping by your site to check out the updates (yah, I couldn't resist in the end)
    What I can say is that I don't read any of the mangas you've been talking about, past the date of this entry. Ow, too bad for me.
    But how come no one left a comment on BWSS? I AM DEEPLY OUTRAGED.
    Well, I gotta say I LOVE this chapter. The level of sweetness is just enough to make me melt *__*
    Sure, little Kaji is annoying me greatly with her endless insecurities (right now she reminds me of Sawako in KNT) but, to know that this looong and frustrating break-up arc is ending, this is quite a relief... enough to make me hope for more progress (more confidence and more love) between these two lovebirds in the upcoming arc.
    *Sigh* I really hope they will go past their state of naive lovers soon, because they still look too much like hopeless dramatic kids in my eyes right now. I know it is not a mature shojo... Still.

    Well, bybyyye!!

  2. Dear Freesiane,

    Great to get a note from you! Hope you are keeping well and your revision is progressing smoothly.

    I'm very, very busy. Swamped with work and other commitments. However, I'm having fun!

    Thanks for leaving a comment on this very lonely chapter. : )

  3. Wow,, I´m so happy that I have found these chapters in english.. I´m addicted to BWSS, but I´t not available in my country (Czech republic), so I´m glad that I can read it on your blog :)
    Thank you and have a nice day,