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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Dear Friends,

I will not be posting raws with translation as frequently as I would love to. I'm travelling and will be away for 3 weeks. Leaving for USA (State of California). Well it is not going to be all fun for me cos I will have to labour overseas too. Plus, I'm going to be away without my mangas.... Sigh... If truth be told, I rather be in Japan... but duty calls... Sigh... Perhaps, I will be able get some good Korean Manhwa from there?! Anybody know where I can find a place that sells translated Korean Manhwa in the State of California? I will be most grateful for the information. :)

Those of you awaiting eagerly for chapters serialised in Cheese!, you are warned. I will not be able to post them up until after I've returned (sometime after first week of July).

I will post chapters of Ardour that I have read and kept in my trusty macbook. Do check back now and then for new posts. : )

Oh yes. For those of you who are interested in Dengeki Daisy, you are in luck. 腐女子 has posted some raws with a summary on the latest chapter. It is difficult to get translation of Dengeki Daisy as it is a difficult piece to translate. Do visit her blog at http://fujioshi.blogspot.com/.

Last but not least, I made some serious mistakes whilst translating Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru Chapter 14. I apologise to all fans of the series who have read my earlier post. Especially being a novice and a beginner student of the Japanese language, I should not have done translation in the middle of the night and thus post up such an inferior piece of work. Gomen nasai... Please check out the chapter again for an updated version. I am thankful and very grateful to Anonymous who pointed out the mistake.


  1. I'm gonna miss you!!! I will waiting for your return. Take care!

  2. *gasp* O_O ANKEMAYBE *sob T___T NOOOOOOO!
    *taking deep breath* i know we understand *we"people attach to your blog"* Have a safe trip and buy an umbrella, *THE SUN* & btw i live in California XD & i buy my manga/manhwa at Borders or Amazon. I tried finding a manga store, i think theres one in Little Tokyo but i think they just sell Shounen manga not sure.

    Yes thank you "Anonymous" & thank you "Ankemaybe" for all the raws!

    Love Aria <3


  3. Aria: Thanks for the warning, but I'm actually looking forward to the weather at California. It is much cooler compare to where I live. : ) Which part of California are you at (If I may know)?

    Thanks for the info. I hope Borders over at your end has a better selection. I can't get certain Manhwa series at the Borders here. Also, I am certainly looking forward to your 4th of July sales!!! Premium Outlets here I come!!!

  4. I will be specific XD I live in Los Angeles *KoreanTown* Well the Borders i go they only have 2 bookshelves T_____T some have 3 bookshelves, probably depends on the size of the Borders.

    XD I forgot its going to be July *seriously i really don't like hot weather, i prefer cold weather*

    From where are you coming from? O_O

  5. : ) I'll not be going to LA. Will be heading to San Diego. Sigh... I was hoping for a bigger selection...

  6. I see San Diego O_O i went last week to see Shamoo the whale lol.
    Hope you have fun in you're stay at California and stay safe ~.~

    Well it does suck that Borders don't have a bigger selection. *sigh*