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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Strobe Edge


According to Betsuma's website, in the coming issue, Ninako will confess her feelings to Ren again. (YES!!!! Finally, .... T__T) but the last sentence seems to suggest that the series is coming to an end. (I hope not!!!) Can't wait to get my hands on my copy of Betsuma!


  1. ahh! i'm excited! i can't wait until you translate this again! thanks for all you've done!!

  2. OH ! Thanks for this news ! I can't wait to see that !

  3. And I can't wait you to get your hands on your copy.....it seems that Strobe Edge won't end on 11th August. I hope so...it's so unexpected such a sudden ending. I mean they end up together and I would like to see them doing couple things for a bit. Then there is Andou' situation. Thanks Ankemaybe for all your amazing summaries...

  4. Yeah, it seems it is ending. I read on a Japanese blog that it'll be ending with chapter 36.

  5. Awe! So sad! I don't want it to end! Thank you for your hard work! Hopefully I'll see summaries soon and you get your copy soon! :)

  6. i just got my vol 1-8..been rereading it & immersing myself in the story.... love the bicker between andou & ren.... love it when ren steals a look at ninako... tks tks, the spoilers been great! got a feeling vol 9 will be end though...if continue will be too draggy... ^^

  7. Awe! I've been checking this pg every hour for summary! :)

  8. I scan this image :

    クライマックス直前 = Before Climax.

    There a 2 preview on Betsuma #08. 1 for 9th Volume with write "Climax". And on preview of Betsuma #09 write "堂々のクライマックス = Grand Climax".

    And for confirmed, this blog :

    次号最終回 >> Next Betsuma, Last Chapter.

    So yes, Strobe Edge will end on Betsuma #09 (out 11/08). and the same day out 9th volume (The last if i trust the preview).

  9. Hi all. I'm not so sure that the series will end on Betsuma #9. Because the current issue (Bestuma #8) makes no mention that the series will end in next issue. If it is ending, the current issue will say. The magazine did mention that Strobe Edge Vol 9 will be out with Betsuma #9 on 11 Aug and the story will reach a climax. But I'm hoping it is not the end. Maybe a few more chapters, I hope.