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Friday, August 20, 2010

Sukitte Iwaseru Houhou/ Make you say, "I love you"

Make You Say, "I Love You"

Hi all.

I have been reading this series serialised in Betsuma. It started off as a oneshot by mangaka Masami Nagata. It is a shoujo love story about a girl who is in love with the president of the baking club (yummy!). Currently, it is in its 7th chapter.

I just love the drawing style. Beautiful. I will try to give a brief summary of the other chapters and give a more detailed latest chapter. Look out for it.

CODE BLUE Season 2

Some of you may realised that I have not been blogging as frequently as in the past. Apart from work (which keeps me very busy), I have been watching Code Blue Season 2. Sigh... I was a fan of Code Blue thus naturally, when Code Blue 2 was available in DVD, I could not resist it. I was not let down. Each episode is realistic and fast pace. It is like the Japanese version of "ER" except that it is centered around the doctor helicopter system where doctors are dispatched to the patients via the helicopter. Of course, one of the key reason I love this series is Yamashita Tomohisa. He is HOT!!!


  1. Hi Ankemaybe,
    thanks for the heads up bout Make you say I love you--- I read it because the art reminds me of kare wa tomodachi. I'm busy with work too plus school but I always have a dose of "manga time" to make me smile

  2. Sukitte Iwaseru Houhou looks so cute..can't wait for your summaries... thank you for this great blog!!

  3. After watching Yamashita Tomohisa in Kurosagi, i wanted to watch all his dramas. So i started watching Code Blue but i'm not into the whole Doctor/ER thing. Is it really good? I stopped watching it in episode 1 O___O

  4. tykie: I haven't read Kare wa Tomodachi. The salesgirl at the manga shop that I frequent recommended this series to me last year. I have not tried to read it cos I understand it is supposed to be a tragedy. Is it good? : ) Great to meet people who loves manga!

    腐女子: You lucky gal! You must get a healthy dose of yamapi in Japan. He should be in some advertisements, right?

    Anonymous: : ) Thanks for the encouragement and compliments.

    Aria: Code Blue series are not shoujoish or manga inspired. It is a realistic portrayal of emergency situations doctors and nurses face. I like the value conflicts they face in these situations. On a more frivolous note, I love his hairstyle in the Code Blue Series. >_<

    Have you watch Proposal Daisakusen? It is another yamapi's work. This is a touching love story. Rather Shoujoish. : )

  5. Hi ankemaybe!!! sukitte iwaseru houhou storyline seems pretty interesting!!! the artwork is very nice

  6. the first volume got me hooked on it- "you create destiny/fate with your own hands"- you can read it in mangareader (till chap16). I'm not sure if it's tragedy but it gets really frustrating since there's a third party who'll try to get in the way--- a childhood friend. If you do read it, let me know what you think:)