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Friday, October 22, 2010

Kami-sama Hajimemashita/元气少女缘结神 Chapter 23

Hi fans of KSH,

This chapter is rather interesting. Leaves me with some questions. We will discuss after the summary. Aquick recap of the story thus far. This chapter is a continuation of the Dragon of the Ocean's story. Dragon lost his eye to Tomoe. Tomoe stormed the Dragon's palace, killed and destroyed many and stole Dragon's left eye. Nanami went back to the past with Mizuki's help to stop Tomoe from doing so...

Nanami went back in time to see Tomoe raiding the Dragon's palace. She came eye to eye with Tomoe but Tomoe had no response. She gathered that he could not recognize her. Tomoe left after raiding the palace. Nanami gave chase. Mizuki stopped her and told her that it would be impossible for her to catch up if she ran after Tomoe by foot. Mizuki offered to give her a ride...
Nanami wondered out loud where Tomoe would go next with the Dragon's eye. Mizuki claimed that Tomoe would likely go back to his home and enjoy the dragon's eye with a nice bottle of liquor.
Nanami and Mizuki followed Tomoe to a hut. She thought that this must be Tomoe's home.

Nanami overheard a lady's voice saying:" I can smell the sea, have you gone to the beach to buy the medication for me?"
Nanami peeked into the hut... She saw Tomoe holding a beautiful woman in his arms.
Tomoe answered her:"Yes. This medication is very good. Eat it and you will recover, Yurichi. You have to live with me forever."
Nanami thought that this is Tomoe but she could not recognise his tenderness...

... Nanami realised that Tomoe had stormed the dragon's palace for the woman. Mizuki looking at Nanami thought to himself that Nanami must be feeling jeolous just like how he felt. Suddenly, Tomoe turned. He stood up and told Yurichi that he had some unfinished business that he needed to attend to. He reminded Yurichi to take her medication and left.

Nanami looked at Yurichi and thought that she was very beautiful... Suddenly, Mizuki shoved Nanami into the room and reminded her that she is here to steal the Dragon's eye. At that moment, Yurichi collapsed and was gasping for breath. Mizuki thought that if he were Nanami, he would take the opportunity to take away the eye as she was his love rival...

Instead, Nanami went to Yurichi and tried to revive her. Mizuki was shocked to see Nanami helping Yurichi. Mizuki asked her what she was doing and told her not to regret her actions later. Nanami looked at Mizuki and said that she could not help it. Even though she wanted to save Tomoe, she could not leave Yurichi suffering without saving her.

With that, Nanami opened Yurichi's mouth and fed the dragon's eye to her. Nanami heaved a sigh of relief to see Yurichi slowing recovering...

Nanami came back from the past to the present. Mizuki asked her what she intended to do now that she was back from the past without the dragon's eye. Nanami told him that she intended to look for the witch who was a the beach when they went back to the past. The witch had claimed that Nanami had the dragon's eye in her body. She thought she could get her to take out the eye for her.

Nanami and Mizuki went to the beach to look for the witch. True enough they saw her there trying to sell rocks as medication to unsuspecting passerby. Mizuki flipped her booth and told her that she had not changed her tactics since 500 years ago...

Nanami walked up to the witch and told her that she would like to do business with her. Excited, the witch asked whether Nanami was going to give her the dragon's eye that is in her body.

Nanami told her that she wanted the witch to take out the eye for her.

The witch asked for a price to do so. She told Nanami that if she is willing to give her 30 years of her life, she would take out the eye from her body for her.

Mizuki shouted out that that sounded like daylight robbery to him. He warned Nanami against trusting the witch but Nanami felt that 30 years of life is nothing if she could save Tomoe.

Mizuki tried to stop her but Nanami had already made up her mind. Mizuki thought to himself that Nanami was being very silly. He felt that she should not have placed herself in such danger for others. And to make matters worse, she had no complete knowledge of what was going on...

The witch started to try to extract the eye from Nanami's body...

The witch was overjoyed when she got the eye. She laughed that now she had the God of the earth's soul (Nanami's soul) and the dragon's eye! Mizuki stood from afar and spoke that he had warned Nanami...
Although Mizuki was frustrated that Nanami felt so responsible for Tomoe but he had decided to help her. With that Mizuki kissed Nanami and promised to serve her as his God... The witch was shocked!

This is a very interesting chapter. Who is Yurichi? Why does Nanami have the eye of the dragon in her body too? Could Nanami be the present Yurichi cos Yurichi swallowed the eye? Tomoe seemed to realize that someone else was there when he was with Yurichi... I wonder.... What do you think?


  1. Who is Yurichi????? I' want to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I think Nanami is the present Yurichi and somehow fate or destiny (whichever) bring them together again. I'm more curious to find out what will happen to Nanami since she lost 30yrs of her life and how will Tomoe react if he finds out it's because of him.

  3. 腐女子: I think so too. I think Tomoe will be very upset to know that Mizuki is serving Nanami too. Love rivalry. Nice!!!

  4. Thank you so much for the summary!!

  5. I didn't want to read this chapter/summary because i didn't read ch 22 but i just read ch 22 now this & i have to say OMGGGGGGGGGGGG!
    1. Tomoe is hot.
    2. Probably Tomoe doesn't want to fall in love with a human girl because of Yurichi.
    3. Probably Nanami IS Yurichi.
    4. Mizuki... You just had to kiss her.

    Interesting chapter, love this manga.

    thanks Ankemaybe~

  6. Aria: I agree with you on all points! Especially the last point! Hahahaha...

  7. thank u so much ankemaybe..it's because i found this series here in your site..i love it especially tomoe!

    and yep.it sure is quite an interesting chapter.i wonder what tomoe(past) did when he left at that time..if he noticed them,hmm..but they where still able to get near yurichi.so maybe some other stuff..and yeah,yurichi could be like a reincarnation or something like that..oh!!this is such a good read!!cant wait for the next chapter..

  8. This is my conclusion:

    I read the raws and yoruichi appeared in chapter 8 when mizuki decide to show her how
    tonoe was b4 and she was in the body of yoruichi altho she didnt relise and maybe nanami is reincarnation of yoruichi because she fed her the eye and those eye r what keeps her
    alive and the witch tells her nanami has dragin's ee in her body which cannot br coincedence since the eye were fed and
    eye of powerful dragon dont just disappear like food. Its like inuyasha, when kyoko who had pearl burn with her to carry off with it to the next world.

    and check this out, they kiss in romantic way!!!


  9. Anonymous: wow! major spoiler! but I don't mind. Hehehe.... Thanks!

  10. OMG~ chapter 47!?! i can't wait for the next tankubon to be out... wondered if Tomoe and Nanami went back in time again coz Tomoe has long hair in the picture.