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Friday, January 7, 2011

迷雾中的蝴蝶/Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru Chapter 21

Hi All,

This is the latest chapter of KwUwA. Sigh... it is rather short but shows us how Aki is coping thus far...

When Aki woke up, he looked around and thought that he was in hell. Around him were empty cans of beer and bottles of liquor. He saw half-played board game sets. And Shun's sleeping form... He eyes settled on something gross beside Shun's sleeping face... Aki could not stomach the sight. He made a dash to the toilet and threw up...

He tried to recall what happened. He remembered losing the game to Shun. He commented then that even in the game of life, he could not read the situation.. Aki continued to mumble to himself that he had carelessly changed his occupation to become a stay-home man and had to run away from suspicion of tax evasion...

Aki used his leg to nudge Shun to wake up. The phone rang. It was Senzaki from Takagi office. Shun had invited him over to clean up the house.

Aki let him in. Senzaki mentioned that he would need about 2 hours to finish cleaning. Aki replied that he would be going to the nearby convenient stall. Aki left the apartment.

As Aki was walking away from his apartment, he checked his handphone for new messages and found none. He signed as there was no new messages. Suddenly, Aki became aware of his surroundings and wondered where he was...

To his surprise, he had unknowingly walked to Riko's parents' vegetables stall. Aki commented to himself that he must be drunk. What is he doing at Riko's place? This must be Riko's father and he had just spoken his thoughts out loud?!!

Riko's father asked Aki whether he was Riko's aquaintance. Aki blushed and bowed:" Please to meet you for the very first time. I..." Aki felt nauseous...

Next scene... Aki is back in his bed, staring at his ceiling... He imagined Riko pointing an accusing finger at him and called him a gross person with serious and bizzare vomit habit.

Instead he wanted Riko to say this...

Aki imagined Riko to say:"Are you ok?"
Aki thought about Riko treating him kindly and smiling at him. It was unbearable to think about her like that...

Suddenly, he heard a sound...

Aki opened his eyes and saw a fierce-looking cat. It looked suspicious... Suddenly the cat stretched out its claws... how horrible!!!

End of the chapter... Frankly, it is really short. Nothing much except that Aki is harboring feelings of guilt towards Riko. Sigh... the mangaka is too slow. I hope she will pick up speed. I'm getting bored... However, the coming chapter seems to be about Aki and Riko's dad. That will be interesting...


  1. so the real riko didnt even debut this chapter? what was the gross thing laying next to shun? is it vomit? thats hilarious. lol, thats what happens when rockstars party.

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